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Saturday, December 19, 2009

12-14-09 Christmas Party today!

Hey, how is my AMAZING and WONDERFUL family doing?!?!?!?!

Your missionary, Elder Boaz, is doing well for the week. We had a great week in the aspect of finding some great new people in areas where we have never knocked in before. I love being in the mission and it really doesn’t matter where I’m serving, whether in the country or the pure city. I know I have the Lord’s guidance where we go when we trust that He’ll be there when we put our mind and actions into HIS will. I have been reading a talk lately from Elder Corbridge of Chile’s Area Presidency to missionaries only about being the “4th Missionary.” He puts missionaries into 4 classes and explains to us the difference in between every one of them. The 3rd missionary does everything he HAS to do but it is all contrary to WANTS to do. He changes the lives of other missionaries, members, and people, but he doesn’t change and, therefore, the mission he served did nothing for him…..because “his will and desires” weren’t in line with the “Lord’s will and desires”. He just “sacrificed” himself which means that he suffered in doing his service to God. He didn’t enjoy it and benefit from it. The 4th missionary “consecrates all of him-“self” and will to the Lord as he is obedient and works.
Matthew 10:39 says, “He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.”
I can’t express how true that is and how necessary it is for every one of us to follow it. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, came was born into the world in this Christmas season to be our Redeemer and fulfill the perfect plan of God to help us return to Him. I am amazed and so grateful for this man who was born in such humble circumstances but had the greatest purpose of any other person. I know that Christmas time gives me a reality of what I can become by following Christ and understanding where He came from in his earthly conditions to what He eventually completed at the end of His life. I feel my Savior’s love and I love him as well.
Only Claudina was confirmed with the Holy Ghost yesterday because we couldn’t get a hold of Eric during the week to help him come to church. He wants to be really committed but he needs to learn to do things on his own will to be committed to the Gospel. We’re gonna have to help him realize that.
For some other side notes on the week: we live by the Air Force Base for Chile and we always get to see their acrobatics in their small airplanes. They will fly directly straight up and once they can’t do it any longer, they will purposely start free-falling in mid-air for some time until they catch themselves and fly out of it. Elder York and I always get a kick out of it. Also, the presidential elections for Chile were yesterday and Sebastián Piñera won but it turns out that there was a mis-count in the voting so the country needs to re-vote in a month. Everyone was so involved in the voting yesterday that it was pretty difficult to work but be we were still out truckin’ along. Haha! I love how we, as missionaries, work in all situations. It makes me so happy to serve the Lord!!!
For a little update on food, Sister Godoy from our ward (she’s like our mom here) made us meat tacos with tons of things to put on them the week before last. They were INCREDIBLE!!! I have quite a few pictures to send next week because my camera died today. I’ve also bought a “mate” cup to drink an herb here that’s really popular here and in all of South America called mate. I loving drinking it with hot water and juice as well. York totally convinced me to start taking it up so we drink it in the night times. Much fun!
I feel privileged to be a missionary of Christ and thank you all for your support.
Today, we had the mission Christmas Party for P-Day down in Rancagua. The whole mission got together, took a photo, had a mini-devotional, and then we played sports and ate for about 5 hours straight. It was one of the funnest experiences of my life!!! Especially to get to know so many amazing people as missionaries. This is the reason for why I’m writing sooooo late today.

*******As for the Christmas DAY phone call, the phone number that I gave you is all correct to call out. It goes straight to our cell phone. I was thinking that you could all call me at around 2:00 PM in MY time zone. That would be a very good hour to call. If not, we can think of something else. But I believe that would be the best situation.**********

Elder Boaz


Hey Fam and loved ones,

I have got to tell you all, I am dead tired today because we played soccer with some of the Zone and some youth of the Stake. It showed me that I have to run more in the morning when we exercise instead of just doing crunches and pushups. Haha! I was gased and have almost no energy for the night of work but it’s ok. I had a blast today and am so happy from yesterday’s Sabbath Day.
Yesterday showed me once again why the mission is worth all of the turned down doors, barking dogs, hot weather, companionship disagreements, or fallen appointments we have. The morning started out with testimony meeting in church that was filled with great testimonies that helped the investigators we had in Sacrament meeting. That’s right…we had 6 investigators in church!!! Eric and Claudina (who were baptized yesterday) came to church as well as the family of Patricio and Susana (the couple that we had found about 3 weeks ago). After sacrament meeting, we had a full class of Gospel Principles and everyone participated. Everyone was friendly to the investigators and made them feel so welcome. Elder York and I were really nervous this morning that the family of Patricio and Eric weren’t going to come but they arrived with hope in their hearts and desire in their soul to know more about Christ’s church.
The Baptismal Service was at 4 pm yesterday and everything went really smooth. One daughter, one grand-daughter and two great grand-kids came two support Claudina in her baptism which a special sight to see. She has 7 sons and daughters but doesn’t get many visits from them, so it was great to see that some family from the south south of Chile to support her in her baptism. Unfortunately, nobody came to support Eric in his baptism. He hasn’t had a good relationship with his parents for a long time and preferred that they didn’t come. We had an incredible attendance from the ward at the baptisms and I was impressed by the support from the members here. It touched me to see that Claudina was saying one last prayer of repentance before our Bishop baptized her. She has changed her countenance and actions to come into the fold of God. Eric was so happy today as well…probably the happiest that we have seen him since we started teaching him. Lehi, our mission leader, baptized him. He bore his testimony of this being the true church and how he was happy even though the people he wanted to be there weren’t there to support him. He has a new family in the ward and I believe he will go far. We are going to help him go on a mission because he is already ready to go. Haha! In Claudina’s testimony, she said that it seemed like two angels came to her house to save her and become baptized. It made me feel like a true servant of the Lord to hear her say that and know that I have a potential to live up to. I will send you all pictures of the baptism and recent pictures of us soon. I forgot
I love hearing about the things that I hear from home. I want to see my loving family SOOOOO BAAAAAD. My twin sisters look GORGEOUS and are becoming great young women. I am so happy for them. And as well as my ALWAYS-GORGEOUS mother and sister-in-law. Rachel and Rebekah better be careful because all of the guys are going to want to start dating them senior year and in college. :D I CANNOT WAIT for the announcement for when Austin and Marisa are expecting their first child. That will be some of the sweetest news I might here on the mish…but be patient and wise about it, Austy!!!! Haha! I love my bros, sistas, and Paps!
As for Christmas time, our mission Christmas party is on Dec. 14. It stinks but oh well. I will only be able to call you guys between the 24th and the 27th. Whatever time you think it will be best to call me, just let me know. On Christmas Eve (24th), we work UNTIL 6 pm and on Christmas Day (25th), we START to work at 6 pm. Maybe you all could call me with a calling-card on the cell-phone we have for our sector. The way to call our cell phone from where you are from is as follows: 011 + 56 + 9 + (94434508). Our actual cell-phone number is in parenthesis. That might be a lot simpler for everything because I’m simple-minded in those kind of things. Haha!
The week of work was a little slow but was equally spiritual and fun. The fruit is starting to come like crazy here in Chile so we’re going to be eating A LOT of fruit in the streets and in the houses soon. I’m stoked for that. I love you all and want you to know that my knowledge of the truthfulness of the Gospel is surer and surer everyday of my life. I’m blessed to have been guided in this path by my parents, siblings, and friends, along with my Heavenly Father. Take Care and we’ll be talking next week.

Con mucho amor,

-Elder Boaz

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just after Thanksgiving!

¡¡¡Hola de otra semana aquí en Chile!!!
First off…HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! We pretty much did nothing to celebrate Thanksgiving here but it’s all good. We weren’t thinking too much about that American holiday until President Resek reminded us during Zone Conference in the morning.
It feels like yesterday when I said that I have 7 months in the mission and now I have 8 months in the mission. HOLY MOLY!!! I’ve been living in a Latin American country for half a year now. The missionary work goes by really fast when you are focusing on the investigators and it may not seem like it in the beginning but all you have to do is wait a little bit and…smack! 8 months have passed. I’m a third of the way done with my “full-time” mission for the Lord. I love this Gospel and to be able to share it with others Being a teacher of the Gospel really teaches you in the process as well. I find myself saying things during lessons that I didn’t know completely until I said them to the investigator…and then I thought to myself, “Whoa…that was the Holy Ghost right there.” This time in my life has helped me understand more obviously and simply when the Spirit is speaking to me and when it isn’t. “Elder” is literally a part of my permanent name right now and my life calling for this space in time is to be a disciple of Christ. To be considered one of his specific messengers is a huge blessing for me and a humbling experience. I can really explain my feelings very well but they have helped me want to have the Restored Gospel be in the lives of all of my loved ones.
Like I said earlier, we had Zone conference on Thursday and President Resek spoke on how we must use our faith stronger while we are searching for knowledge in the scriptures. We need to be confident and believe that we’ll receive the answers we need for our investigators in our study of the scriptures. Before the conference, we were told to study Chapter 5 of Preach My Gospel which teaches about the importance of the Book of Mormon. The truth of everything that comes from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and the Restored Gospel is based on whether the Book of Mormon is true. I tell you all that it is. It is the pure and full word of God and helps us understand the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I learned how we can base so much of our teaching over this simple fact. God is in control and has given us answers and a guide to life’s biggest questions by this book.
I received an awesome tie with a nice letter from Elder Romero (my last companion) in the mail before he finished his mission. He returned to Bolivia and is working now. He was a great companion and although we had head-butts at times, he and I worked miracles together in Doñihue. I learned a lot from him.
For an update on the missionary work here: Eric didn’t get baptized yesterday but will be baptized this coming Sunday with Claudina (80 years old) who has been progressing well. Both have transformed their lives to arrive at the Gospel. Eric went from being without direction, smoking, and partying; to his search for something “more” than all the vagueness of the world; to leaving these harmful things and committing himself to remain in the Gospel. Claudina went from reciting prayers regularly and strongly in the Catholic Church; to questioning why she always had much anger and little love; to repenting of her bad actions to her family and following the Path of the Lord to His true Gospel. Elder York an I are excited for this coming weekend because it’s been a long road for these two. :) We are working with some other youth to be baptized soon as well like Felipe (17 years-old awesome kid), Matius (10, son of inactive mom), Leo (13, cousin of Matius), and Kevin (11, son of reactivating mom). So we have some future Priesthood that we’re forming in this ward.
We spoke yesterday in sacrament meeting on missionary work. Elder York spoke about what our covenants are from Baptism and what is expected of us as members. I spoke on how we can better understand how a new convert feels in the conversion to the church so we can better know how to help them. It was a great experience and even helped me in my perspective of the converts in the Church. I love My Savior Jesus Christ and my EXTREMELY LOVING Heavenly Father.
I want to end by sharing a scripture I shared in my talk. It is in ALMA 31:33-35:

“33 Wilt thou grant unto them that they may have strength, that they may bear their afflictions which shall come upon them because of the iniquities of this people.
34 O Lord, wilt thou grant unto us that we may have success in bringing them again unto thee in Christ.
35 Behold, O Lord, their souls are precious, and many of them are our brethren; therefore, give unto us, O Lord, power and wisdom that we may bring these, our brethren, again unto thee.”

Take Care, My prayers are with you all…especially Grandpa,

Elder Josh Boaz

Monday, November 23, 2009

Another week dedicatied to the Lord :)

Ya, so the letter for this week is going to be short this week. Because the computer froze in the middle of my sweet long letter and now I have to start over on a little lower excitement level cuz I am a little bummed. Haha! This letter was an upbeat and happy week. We had great experiences and some disappointments but mostly the emotional upos and downs that come with the mission. We had four investigators in church on Sunday…blew my mind. I was so happy. Eric, who is getting baptized next week, came to church and felt really comfortable. We were glad to see him come in with Lehi, our mission leader. Also, we brought a kid named Matius to church that´s 10 years old. His mom was baptized when she was a young girl and moved away from the church after some time. He has been very interested in the Restoration and thinks it´s incredible that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. He will probably be baptized soon. A Sister from the ward helped us out by bringing Claudina to church (the 80 year old that´s getting baptized on Dec. 6). She needed a wheelchair for some time and we finally found one for her this past week. Felipe (the awesome 17 year old) didn´t come to church yesterday again and I think it might be because of his parents which is always a tough situation. We talked to him last week and he said he was fine but we will try to get a hold of him this next week to see if we can have a lesson soon. He still wants to be baptized but we´re worried about his family situation.
Lehi taught the Gospel Principles class yesterday in church and, out of nowhere, asks me to get up and teach a little more about the Sacrament and my thoughts on it. I have a firm knowledge and testimony that from the moment I got up the Holy Ghost was telling me what to say and how to say it. I was teaching things that I didn´t even know until I said them and I was learning as I was going along. It was definitely a moment that reminded me that I´m being guided by God to do His work. I felt good about church yesterday but after having meetings with the Bishop in the morning, I´ve realized how stressful being a leader can be. There are so many souls in the church that have problems and need spiritual nourishing that it almost seems impossible for the leaders to be able to help everyone and keep and strong congregation. I see it as a miracle and also a sign that EVERYONE in the church must do their part to keep it going. I feel like I want all the time in the world so I can do everybody´s responsibilities for them so the church prospers, but I guess that is what agency is for. That´s also why our Heavenly Father´s Plan is PERFECT for all of His children. There is a conditional part of it that relies on our own actions to what will come of us; that means we have the power within us to make the choices that will lead us to the perfection, or Eternal Life. How amazing!!!
Elder York is still working hard even though he only has 5 weeks left. He even still makes food for us a lot and I feel blessed to be with him. His bunt apple cakes are AMAZING, Haha! He also has about 105 old church talks that are from devotionals at BYU. They are all incredible and we listen to them in the extra time we have after lunch. I have grown to love listening to Elder LeGrand Richards speak. He is a very distinctive speaker and really captures your attention. I invite you to listen to some of his memorable talks.
(Random side note): I heard a meteorite fell in Utah 2 days ago…pretty crazy. The signs are coming. Haha!
One of the defining moments of the week is that we had Chinese food for lunch at a Sister´s house from the ward that LOVES cooking. She always makes special, different food and it´s always delicious. The best part is that we had CHEESECAKE for dessert. I about flew to heaven when I tasted it. I forgot how much I missed Cheesecake until I tasted it.
Ok so maybe the email wasn´t tooo short but I wasn´t certainly rushed for time. I miss you all EXTREMELY and can´t wait to talk to you at Christmas. Elder York tells me that we only get 1 HOUR to talk at Christmas time but I REEEEEEAAAAALLLLLYY hope it is different for this year. We´ll see. Tell Grandpa that I love him so much (and put a lot of emotion into it because that´s how I feel). He is in my prayers. You are all in my prayers and I ask for your prayers as well cuz this mission work needs them. Any spiritual thoughts that you have, please send them to me next week please. I am looking for a little extra spiritual jump start. Love you all!!!!!!! Especially Momma and Dad.

Sincerament y con mucho amor,
Elder Josh Boaz

P.S. Tell Alexa congratulations, Stephen Smith: congratulations on his mission call, and to Bishop Griffin: Thank you for his support, love, and dedication to the Lord.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nov. 16th's email - I love my Heavenly Father!

Wow, I have officially finished one change here in Progreso (Santiago). I can´t believe it!!! The Lord makes our work worth it because we have to work hard but he also helps us to not dwell too much on the time. The time is going too fast for my companion because…THIS IS HIS LAST CHANGE IN THE MISSION!!! I´m so going to able to finish (kill) Elder York`s mission with him. I feel blessed because he still is a hard worker and we are pushing to help the work along. As for me, personally, I´m doing and feeling great. I received your Halloween package and thought I died and had gone to heaven from all the AMERICAN candy and chocolate I had received. Thank you a billion times!!!! I still have this little tummy that has formed but the quest is ON to get rid of it. I think it was because I was too concerned about losing weight that I´m eating too much and actually gaining a little bit. The candy won´t help me but I will TRY to be wise in eating and sharing it. Haha!
This week helped me understand even better how the Lord will prepare people in His time to be baptized or be ready for the Restored Gospel of Christ and we just have to be ready to work to the best of our abilities to support and educate these people about the truths.
Monday was a peaceful and fast day. Tuesday is when I really felt the reality that some experiences can have in the mission. In the morning, we had a lot of extra time and needed to find new investigators so we knocked doors for some time. We came in contact with a very friendly Evangelist Pastor at his door. His name is Hector and he talked to the missionaries about a year ago at his doorstep. We talked casually for a bit and then began explaining our message of the Restored Gospel to him. The whole time, I felt really nervous because we were speaking to a man who studies the Bible frequently for his church and I wasn´t so confident in being able to answer his doubts if he had any. We explained the Restoration and the purpose of the Book of Mormon; he expressed various doubts. The whole time, I wanted to be clear as possible in explaining everything that I started to cut off my companion and Hector as well to say things. I felt guided by the spirit but I realized something different afterwards. By the end of our time with Hector, he agreed to read (or in his own words: “deeply study”) the Book of Mormon compare it to the Bible and wanted us to come back in 2 months. Needless to say, that is a lot of time to wait for a second appointment, so we left him with the invitation to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. Afterwards, Elder York explained to me what he noticed and what lacked in the unity of us. I completely understood his observation and felt a little regret for not being able to teach better together. He also said something that had an impact with me: *we don´t need to be amazing masters of the scriptures or have everything answer or explanation in the world. We just bring the simple but powerful message of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon to the people and invite them to read and pray about it. We can answer every question that they have but unless they read and pray about what we share, they will not believe and feel that what we have is true. That is the simple but grand power of the Spirit of God.* In the night, our last lesson was with Rodolfo where we had planned to have a normal lesson including the Word of Wisdom. When we got there he had some questions that he had gotten after searching for information about the church other websites (that`s never a good outcome because rumors come from the web). After some random questions about rumors that we cleared up, he had some doctrine questions. Long story short, he couldn´t get past the thought that God and Christ are two separate beings because he has such a firm belief that they are one person. We spoke a little bit more trying to help him understand but nothing was going to help…it looked like this was the end of our time teaching him. He thanked us for the time we´ve spent with him and told us that we were more than friends to him. I felt God´s love when he also said that we were too good of people and he felt the Spirit when we visited. This whole experience tore me up inside because we had developed such a close relation with this great father who loved God and we have to stop teaching him. I cried and cried on the way home that night. I wanted the Eternal Life and blessings for this family and it wouldn´t happen. I now understand a lot better how Heavenly Father feels when His children don´t chose the right decisions for their life. I am going to be a better missionary in my love for the people.
On the bright side, we found a new couple last week named Patricio and Susana that have turned their lives around. Patricio was without work for some time and depressed when we found him. Since then, he has found a great job, has much more happiness and wants to get married to Susana. It has been amazing to see his evolution to this good man. He loves reading the Book of Mormon and studies whatever part of it when he has extra time at work. We need to first work on helping them get married and then be baptized but the changes they have already made have been incredible just in their personality. Felipe, the 17 year old that came to church last week, didn´t come yesterday and we haven´t been able to teach this past week either but he came to the youth ward activity by himself on Wednesday by himself and wants to go to the youth Church camp in January as well. Stinkin awesome!!!
We finished the week with having the primary program in church yesterday and it was precious! I miss my nephews, nieces, and cousins…but most of all, my parents and siblings. The primary theme was Eternal Families and I felt the spirit from these small and simple testimonies. I can´t wait to be wrapped in my Heavly Father´s arms as one of his sons. I also can´t wait to be wrapped in the arms of my loving family. Every single one has a special place in my heart. The Chruch is true and I love you…all. Ok, that was a little cheesy but VERY true. :P Take care and may you all focus in having the Lord strengthen your weaknesses. (Ether 12:27) Con Mucho Amor!!!
Elder Josh Boaz

Nov. 9th email - He is doing well

Hola a todos! J
Another week has passed by extremely fast and I feel great. There have been quite a few things that have changed as of this past week with our work that we have had. We had 5 baptismal dates this past week. Yesterday, we had one investigator in the church that had a good experience. His name is Felipe and he´s 17 years old. This kid is really kind-hearted and receptive to what we have taught him. He talked to the missionaries about 8 months ago and lost contact with them. We talked to him for the first time on October 28th when we were talking to his brother first. He came in from school and was more interested than his brother by the end of the lesson. Since then, we have had 4 more lessons. This past Tuesday, we watched “The Restoration” and he felt a conviction of the good feelings that he has been recently having. He already prays daily and loves reading what we give him but he tells us he has to make time for schoolwork AND the Book of Mormon. Haha! I love it! We have set a date for his baptism on November 22nd. He is really polite and – I believe – will be a great addition to the ward in this area. We had to change Eric`s baptism date to November 29th. When we came to his house this past week, he told us that he wouldn`t be able to come to the next two weeks of church because he had some events at his university that he had to be involved in for a grade in one of his courses. It was so difficult to hear that during the lesson, but it was equally comforting to hear that he was as bummed as we were. He just needs to wait three more weeks now but is as committed as ever right now. He continues to study the Book of Mormon by himself and the passages that we give him. We showed him General Conference and and he loved it. I can wait to see the fruits of this baptism!
Bayron (the boy that we`ve been working with since the beginning of this change with less active parents) didn´t come to church. I am not sure he has the desires to come to church and his parents are not helping so much with support either. He`s only come one time to church in all this time (5 weeks) and I think we might need to stop teaching him if something good doesn’t happen this week. I have a question for all Returned Missionaries or whoever else: How can we excite this 9 year old Bayron to come to the church and have stronger desires to be baptized? Any info will help.
We might have a baptism this weekend…his name is Niscefero. He`s 76 years old and has been on and off with the missionaries for almost a year now. He´s one of those guys who knows the church is true, knows that the Book of Mormon is true, agrees with all the commandments and comes to church often….but doesn`t have the complete drive to get baptized quite yet. We have just used a bit of boldness with him lately and scheduled the baptismal interview for him for this week. Haha! I think all will go well with him. He is a little senile but a hilarious character; and his wife ALWAYS invites – almost obligates – us to drink some Coca-Cola after EVERY lesson. Every time we go over there, it is a surprise and fun experience.
Speaking of Coca-Cola, I am getting a little bit of a belly from my food intake out here. Just to let you all know. Haha, I think the mass from my muscles is leaving my neck, arms, and legs, and is moving to the belly (or “guata” in Chileno). Don´t worry, it is scaring me that I´m getting a little tubby and I´m going to start working out harder in the mornings.
This past Thursday, we did service for Claudina, an 86 year old lady that´s getting baptized on November 29th. She can`t move very well and lives in a big house that wasn´t very clean on the first floor, so we came by with a member from the ward and cleaned the whole first floor of her house. There was hair everywhere from her dogs and it smelled bad…really bad. We moved all the furniture outside and cleaned it as we also mopped inside. We even gave her dog a bath which he didn´t enjoy very much but he needed it. Haha! Since Claudina can´t walk or drive, we found a wheelchair for her as well so that she has a way to come to the church now. I felt GREAT as we were helping her. Every time that we come over since the beginning, Claudina calls us the angels that God has sent to save her. I feel SO blessed to be a servant in the Lord and every time I hear that from her I know that Heavenly Father is guiding me.
We haven´t been able to find Henry (the less active from Peru) this past week but we`ll still keep looking for him at his house. I really believe that he will be coming back to the church soon but we just have to get a hold of him.
I just realized yesterday in church from the Gospel doctrine teacher that the rest of the world and religions are waiting for Christ to come again; but we [The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints] are working SO THAT He will come. The second coming will not come until every person has a chance to hear the Gospel and it is spread to all of the corners of the earth. The phrase "Every Member a Missionary" is so true in this time. I love you both and hope all is well at home. Elder York and I are starting to talk to more and more people in the streets now because we`ve received added incentive from the great scripture I shared last week. We also started a class of English here for every Saturday to find more “chosen” people ready for the Gospel. I advise ALL OF YOU to apply this scripture to your life right now. D&C 61:3.
I love my Savior and that is why I´m serving him. Service without love is NOTHING!!! I hope this email finds you all in high spirits.
Con Mucho amor,
Elder Josh Boaz

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Directed by the Spirit!!!

Hola mi amada familia,
How have you all been doing from this past week? I feel overjoyed to be able
to write to you all and be able to update you on my past week of
experiences. It has definitely been a busy and uplifting week to say the
least. I wish the same for all of you to have uplifting weeks as well. How
can we NOT have uplifting weeks as the members of Christ́s restored church
in the world today? The week all started well on Monday when I received the
email from mom. I had just read the email from her that said how grandpa`s
health wasńt very good. I had just finished writing a letter to him in the
week before but didńt have his address so I was going to have to send the
letter home and hope that you could send it to him in fast time. I was a bit
nervous when I heard about his health but saw that mom had given me his home
address and knew, right then, that my prayer was answered. I know that
Heavenly Father knows how important our families are to us and He will help
us in any way if it is just and right (3 Nephi 18:20). The weather this past
week has really started to heat up. It is almost like the weather went
straight from Winter to Summer but we also have some random cloudy days come
into play. Every week, one member from the ward will wash our clothes for us
in this sector. For this week, I just happened to have all of my short
sleeved shirts being washed and only had my long sleeved shirts to wear
while we worked. Ugh!!!!! It was a little tough but it́s all good. Haha!
Just so that all know as well, our house is pretty sweet. There is just the
two of us there (Elder York and I) and we have a little courtyard in front
where our landlords maintain a garden. It́s sweet.
Just a couple of thoughts for my Christmas package is that I would love have
some music from George Dyer (at least “All Creatures of Our God and King”)
and Dad. And Íd love for you to send my brown dress shoes that I left at
home. They are comfortable and would help me save some money our here if my
shoes get really worn out. Just a thought.
The week was filled with lessons and new investigators. Just an update on a
couple people that wéve been working with: Laureano Zapata (the old guy who
thought he was a mason) was having problems with his family where he was
living so he has moved to a better place to live which happens to be outside
of our mission (that stunk a bit). But I hope that the missionaries can find
and baptize him in the Santiago East Mission because we sent his cell number
to their mission office. Eric Abarca (the golden boy of 19 years old)
finally came to church for the first time yesterday and is progressing
great. He really understands the importance of this commitment and wants to
go forward with what he`s felt. He was even participating with his own
thoughts during the classes at church. I really think he enjoyed it and will
get stronger towards his baptism on November 15th. We are also working with
a husband and father of 2 named Rodolfo who is very interested in the Book
of Mormon and the “Restoration”. He still isńt sure if it is completely
true because he wants more information but….he “feels good” when he studies
what we share with him. I am confident héll receive an answer soon. We have
found some other great people this week that feel good about what we`re
teaching them and I firmly believe that will receive a baptismal date soon.
We only had two investigators come to the church yesterday and one of them
was a huge surprise because it was a casual invite and the man is very
Evangelist but that was nice. I dońt like Sunday mornings on the mission
because I get nauseous while anticipating if any of our investigators will
come to church. I guess I just need to trust in the Lord a bit more.
I will leave you with a story from this past Saturday that emphasizes the
importance of being ready for moments guided by the Spirit. We went to the
house of a lady we contacted a couple of days before. When we got there, a
young guy came up to the gate to answer to us. We asked him if the lady was
there and he went to check but came back saying that she had left. We were
about to leave when I had the impression to ask him if he had talked to the
missionaries before. He asked, “The Mormons?” We said, “Yes, that́s what the
people call us.” He said, “Ya, when I was younger. I was actually baptized
with my grandma when I was 8!” We were surprised!!!! because he had his ears
pierced and a piercing in his eyebrow but he was an extremely friendly and
happy guy. We asked if we could share something with him and he let us in.
He told us hés 26 years old and that he was baptized at 8 years old with
his grandma in Peru (He`s from Peru). When he was 11, his grandma died and
he lost touch with the church because he had to move, but he told us that he
always felt a strong spirit and happiness when the missionaries came over to
teach them. He grew up, got married, and had two kids but one day his wife
left him with the two kids one day without telling him. This sent him into a
period of depression where he moved to Chile after some time to get away
from the house and thoughts of his kids. He has lived here for 5 months now.
He didńt remember the message of the Restoration so we shared it with him
and his girlfriend there. You could see the light come into his eyes when we
shared this amazing message and the strong Spirit that was felt as we shared
with both of them. He even threw in a random comment during the lesson about
how he always wanted to be a missionary like the ones that came to his house
when he was young. Tears came to my eyes as he gave the closing prayer. He
thanked God for leading him back and reminding him about the Restoration of
the Church of Jesus Christ; and also that he has more comfort in his life,
even without his children. He wants to return to the church and it all
started because I followed the impression from the Spirit to talk to him.
Doctrine and Covenants 61:3 says, “But verily I say unto you, that it is not
needful for this whole company of mine elders [or members] to be moving
swiftly upon the waters [of life], whilst the inhabitants on either side are
perishing in unbelief.”
We need to open our mouths and reach out to help all in need…even when they
look like they dońt want it or need it. My prayers are with the families of
Mr. Lorenzen, Peter Ring, Grandpa, and you all. I love you all and know that
this Gospel is true. “I am doing a great work so that I cannot come down.”
Take care until next week.
Con Amor,
Elder Josh Boaz

Monday, October 12, 2009

Josh sounds great! (except for those pesty dogs)

Hey, what´s up everyone!!!!!!??????
It is quite different here in my new sector called Progreso. It is in a town called Cisterna in Santiago. The area is pure blocks and it isn´t a trouble to get all of our contacts done for the week. Elder Cork and I have had a great first week together. He is a great guy and I am really excited to work with him. He has a outgoing personality and wants to work hard and happy. We also have a lot of fun in the street. We have a game where if we are walking in the street and there is a rock on the sidewalk, we will try to kick it through the legs of each other while we are walking to store a goal. It gets hilarious at times. Elder York only has two more changes left in his mission and doesn´t speak the greatest spanish but I am helping him as we walk in the streets. He has a lot of experience but is still humble and ready learn to more. It really impresses me because also, he has had a really rocky past before his mission and has made a HUGE change in his life. We have already grown close in this week and know that things will only get better.
As of right now, we have 5 baptismal dates: Laureano, Eric, Byron, Nicéforo, and Claudina. Laureano is 75 years old and thinks he is a Mason of Chile but has a strong testimony of the Restored Gospel that we shared. He always wants to add input on the lessons that make the lesson so much better. He understands everything perfectly and even wants to learn to read the Book of Mormon in english. He´ll be baptized on October 25th. Eric is a 19 year old who is very inteligent but chill. He has a very religiously diverse family (kina of like Joseph Smith had…Haha) and has been looking for the path that has all the answers that he sees are missiong in the other religions. We had a powerful first lesson with him and he knew right there and then that this message was true. He is so awesome as well because he already has the habit of studying scriptures in his mind and praying for understanding befote we taught him. He felt the Bible was incomplete and loved the fact of the Book of Mormon existed. He will be baptized on November 1st. The other baptisms will be baptized on November 1st as well and are good people as well, but the first two are of GOLD. I´m happy for the work here in Progreso but not so much for the dogs.
There are even more dogs in the streets here in the city and a lot of them aren´t very nice. In fact, my welcome to this area was on Wednesday when a smaller dog was barking at us while we were knocking doors. It came a little close to sniff us and ended up biting me in the back of the leg. It hurt pretty bad but luckily just scratched my leg instead of biting into it. Phew!!! Haha! I´m still a little bugged about it cuz the dog ripped my new grey pants that I bought here for like $4 that were nice. We are laughing about it now though.  My new zone of missionaries only has 10 missionaries in it which is a little small compared to the 26 missionaries that were in my first zone but they are all good guys. There are two new missionaries in the zone and I realize how blessed I have been to progress so much in my Spanish. I can speak “almost” fluent…maybe not, but I have grown a lot.
Our ward is great but really small, only about 40 people in the sacrament. But we´ll be growing soon from our work. ;) Our ward mission leader is 18 and will be getting his mission call soon. His name is Lehi and he is a stud. Being in Santiago has been good overall and we see other missionaries from the mission on p-day. I saw Elder Johnson and Elder Mead from my MTC group on my first day here. I love you all and know that I am a literal representative of the Lord. I am here tos ave the souls of the children of God. 3 Nephi 5:13 says, “Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.”
You can all be disciples of HIM. Take Care!!!!!!

-Elder Boaz

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sept. 21, 2009

Hola a mi Querido Familia,

This week has probably been the most low week that we have had as far as numbers go but has not been all that bad. On Monday, I had a sickness in my stomach that kept me going to the bathroom all day. That was painful and it was a struggle. Don´t worry, I´m fine now. Haha! We´ve been joking about it all week now. On Tuesday, I twisted my ankle during exercises in the morning and by the time that lunchtime CAME around, it felt like a knife was stabbing my ankle. The pain was extreme and I was at the point of tears from all the walking we had done. So in the afternoon, Elder Romero did divisiones with a boy in our ward while I stayed in the house of the member with the other son. I was nervous about going home for this problem with my ankle but after some ice and Ibuprofen, I was good to go for the next day. I know the Lord is looking out for me and wants me to stay here to do his work. I´ve been using the brace I have and feel a little stronger now as we work. Haha, go figure! J
So on Friday, WE HAD FELIZ 18, 2009!!! It was independence day here in Chile and everyone has had their flags outside all week. On Friday, there were tons of Ramadas (little stands for a fair) that were built over Cerro Cólera (where we took the pictures of the subset that one time with Elder Abrams.). Some other Elders from our district came to Doñihue to spend the day with us. It was so much fun and I burnt my neck (that was the best part!!!! Haha, just kidding.) For lunch, we went to the house of these three daughters that just got baptized yesterday. Their parents were less active for some time but have returned and are happy as ever. The mom made an ETERNITY of empanadas and we all ate SO MUCH. I had like 10 (and these were big empanadas as well). They are the Cartagena Family and are so much fun to teach. The parents (Guillermo and Nelly) understand the importante of an eternal family now. I am so filled with joy for them right now and now they can be sealed together forever now.
Mom, send austin whatever he needs for playing soccer. Cleats, shorts, socks, whatever. I´m SO happy for everything else that I´ve read from you all and will try to reply to specific things in the future. Talk to you all later!!!! I have about two months left of USANA. I got all the emails completely from both email addresses.

The Restored Gospel is trae and I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Elder Boaz (AKA Tan Capo)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Monday, Sept. 7, 2009

Hola de Doñihue,

This week has been a little trying for me but I will start on a spiritual thought. I have gained more of a testimony on the truthfulness of our baptism compared to any other baptism in the World. I love the scripture in Ephesians 4 that says ONE Lord, ONE Faith, and ONE Baptism. That doesn´t say that there is one Word for baptism but that there many ways to do it. There is one baptism and one way to accomplish it….with the power and authority of the Holy Priesthood of God. We can compare it the keys. There are leys to open doors of cars, houses, locks, and whatever other thing, but there is only one key to the door of Heaven. I know I have the key to heaven and I´m sharing it with all!!!!!
Now as for the week…..last week we had 80 people in church (when we usually have 55) and yesterday we had 53 people in church. I´m guessing that it was from the rain and the people don´t want to get sick. We found 17 investigators two weeks ago and this past week only had 10. I know the Lord is doing His will in His time so I need to practice my patience. The reason I´m a little bummed about the chrurch asístanse is because we found a big less active family on Wednesday that lives a little far from the church. There are about 16 members of the family that incluye the grandparents(the grandpa used to be first counselor in the bishopric) the sons and daughters, with grandkids. They are the Caroca family and all were really touched when we CAME as we shared of this Permaneced (Remain) document with them from the Presidency of the church of Chile. I felt the spirit and felt like they were going to come to church because they know of the sacrifice and blessing but apparently it wasn´t in God´s hands for them to come. Yesterday was also difficult because the mother of Felipe who was baptized last week, smoked ONE cigarette right before we visited her. So we´ll see if she is still able to be baptized. I´m going to ask all of you to FAST specifically for her this Thursday if it is posible. Thanks for all your support and I love you all. I will try to have more info next week. Pictures are 1.) and 2.) E. Abrams and I; 3.) E. Romero and I.

The Gospel of Jesús Christ is on the earth again. We have to share it! The gift of the Holy Ghost is waiting to help us in our life. Prayer vocally in private to receive it´s promptings. I have recently done that and seen it´s influence in my life more and more!!!!

Elder Boaz

Monday, August 31, 2009

All is well in Donihue, Chile

¡Hola Mis Compadres!
All is well in Doñihue, Chile. I am very content. The work here is really picking up here in Doñihue and I´m excited for the future. I can´t wait to talk to the family in Christmas. I can´t believe that I already have 5 months in my mission already! Time is starting to pass faster and faster!!! Ether 12:6 has really touched me again lately. To get to the point because I don´t have much time....we have 7 baptismal dates and I baptized someone for the first time yesterday. His name was Felipe Vasquez and he is 11 years old. His mom, Yasna, is trying to stop smoking but will be baptized soon. It was an incredibly spiritual moment and I can´t wait for more BAPTISMS!!!!! Mom, I need to know Corey Wilkin´s mailing address and email address. Dad, thanks for the suggestion on the talk in the Ensign about Opening Heaven´s Doors or something like that. Haha! I am starting to pray more privately and i feel that the Lord is helping me more personally. It´s incredible. We have found a lady who has been inavtive for 24 years but wants to come back now. She has a family now and we´re having a Family Home Evening this week. Her name is Margot Vernan. Pray for her. Love you all!!!!

-Elder Boaz

Monday, August 24, 2009

Elder Boaz is alive in Chile!!

¡Queridos mamá, papá, y todos!

First off I just wanna say that I´M ALIVE AND FINE! Haha! There is nothing to worry about. Two weeks ago, I wrote a personal setter to Austin, Dad, and an update to the mission president and just ran out of time to get a general letter aout to the family. Sorry about that. Last week, I wrote an update letter to the mission president and was reading alot of emails which took up most of my time. When I had finally written a general letter and was about to send it, the computer shut down on me. It was a very sad moment and so I have had to wait until today to write to you all. I apologize…Hahaha! And mom, there´s no need to worry or call the mission president if you don´t hear from me. Just know that I´m working hard and really slow with the Internet at times. Lol.
Anyways, these past two weeks have been extremely busy and different. Two weeks ago from this past Thursday, there was a special change in the middle of our normal 6 week change. Some missionaries ended up finishing the mission early for school, medical , or personal reasons. The result of it was that my “dad” (Elder Abrams) was transferred to the office to be the mission secretary and I got a new companion! His name is Elder Romero and he´s from Bolivia. I feel so blessed to have gone from Elder Abrams, who was incredible, to Elder Romero who is also hard working, incredible and has much experience (21 months) in the mission. Sadly, I won´t have the privilege of killing him (ending his mission with me) but we are working really well together. He doesn´t speak english, so my spanish is getting more practice and getting better! At times we´ll have tiny disagreements but for the most part, we are doing really well. We are going to have a baptismal service this weekend on the August 30th (Sunday). The past three and a half weeks (started with Elder Abrams but mostly with Romero), we have been teaching a mother named Yasna and her two sons named Felipe (11) and Sebastián (7). Yasna never really has liked any religión and when we CAME to her door, she felt something different. We are really excited for this baptism of Yasna and Felipe. They love when we come over to teach them and have a book of the Gospel Principles that a friend gave as a gift to them about five years ago. We had our Stake Conference yesterday and they offered to take us to the conference, so we went with them!!!! Haha! Incredible…she is very smart and Felipe can´t wait to turn twelve years old so he can receive the priesthood! Sebastián is always happy and will likely follow the Gospel as well. I have so much joy for them anda m excited to grow this Branco of Doñihue.
It´s a little stressful to lead an area now but I love knocking doors with Elder Romero. He is such a powerful teacher and we have so much fun when we are in the streets. We play this game where we say our names are funny words in English without laughing because the people at the doors don´t know what we´re saying. We´re finding new people to teach and living the lessons we have. I´m really starting to progress in my studies of the Gospel and I love it. A scripture I like recently is Moroni 9:6. Always be working. And 3 Nephi 3:25---Always be together to fortify one to another.
In other news, we have 3 other baptism dates of 3 daughters of some less actives. This could be a great story but we´ll see what happens. I got the birthday package from you all about 2 weeks ago and a package from Edna Jenkins today. I feel so happy! The new EFY music reminds me of Finding Neverland and August Rush. It´s great! Also, I got the Cal Coast Credit Union Card today. You can activate it now. The work of the Lord is here and it is TRUE. The Gospel i son the Earth and I´m working in it! Love you all!

Elder Boaz

P.S. You all need to update my blogspot pictures and letters! Haha, it´s WAY behind!
And don´t worry if I´m sending this email to so many people. President Resek said it was fine. Just as long as there are no specific emails outside the family.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sweet is the Work!

¿Qué tal?

Esta semana pasada ha sido buena. We have found quite a few new investigators and hopefully everything progresses well. Elder Abrams and I fasted for a day this past week for Grandpa and Jeremy´s daughter. I hope everything goes well. PLEASE keep me posted. This is past week has also had some ups and downs. To start out, Lorena who was going to have a baptismo date, has had a lot of recent trials and won´t be getting baptized quite yet. She hasn´t been working for 3 months because her hand has problems and she´s been doing therapy. And now her boss told her that she has to work this week and she also worried about other things in her house. We know we couldn´t offer to give her a blessing but let her know about it and suggested it to her thoroughly but she didn´t take it. It is tough to see how much people fear man over God when they say that they have faith in god. I have been using Ether 12:6 a lot lately because we won´t get a testimony of things until AFTER the trial of our faith. Faith DOES NOT come just by believing, you HAVE TO exercise your faith through acts. I´m always reminded of the EFY song that says “Live Like You Believe”. It´s so true and I want to show everyone how they would feel if they had my testimony because then ALL of the people here would get baptized. Haha!
A couple new people that we are working with are a 42 year old lady with her father who is older than Noah….haha, jk. But they are EXTREMELY poor and live in this shack house down a dirt trail, but they have more faith than anyone I have met in my life. Her name is Edulia and the father is Enrique. We had a lesson this week where they did all of the commitments and said they would get baptized and come to church. The greatest thing is that they said they would Orly come to church for god because they don´t care what other people think. Such humility! I almost cried. To you all, don´t care what other people think. And DON¨T judge. Just do what God asks of us. One last thing I advise to you all is that you should make yourselves as available as possible to help the missionaries. Having a member tesify is going to help people feel welcome to the church and increase the missionary work SO MUCH. I wish our members Could make a little more sacrifice for us. It´s tough. A couple great scriptures that you should all STUDY (not just read) are D&C 1:16 and Ether 12:6. These will give you a bigger perspective of our efforts here on Earth and what we should Strive for. Love you all! Take Care!

Con Amor y un abrazo fuerte,
Elder Boaz

P.S. The hair gel i need is "got2b Glued". It´s a small yellow squirt container. I love hearing about everyone at home and your progress. You should be getting personal letters from me in a week or 2. ¡Cíao!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Up and Down Week

Hola a Todos! July 13th, 2009

I wanna Start by saying that I have officially finished my first change and the verdict is……….that i will be staying in Doñihue for 6 more weeks with Elder Abrams. I am so grateful because 1.) We haven´t seen the fruits of our labors yet because we´re close to some baptisms, 2.)This area is GORGEOUS, 3.) I don´t know Spanish or this area long enough to be effective for the Lord, and 4.) Elder Abrams and I were just starting to click. We really are starting to fix out all the small kinks we have had and be a lot more effective. On Tuesday, Elder Abrams and I walked through this back trail of Doñihue to get to another sector that was absolutely gorgeous! We were walking along a country road by all of these vineyards where they grow fruit and vegetables in the summer. It was all dry but beautiful. I am starting to appreciate the natural beauty of God´s creations a lot more because of this area.
The food of Chile is awesome. Any person that said it´s bland was lying! We eat a lot of chicken with rice, potatoes, and salad. But everything is eaten with the fresh bread they have here. The neighborhoods have little negocios (businesses) on every corner because that is how a lot of people live. It´s a tiny market right out of their house where you buy a lot of products and FRESH BREAD every day. Dad would love it here. We always walk by this bakery where the pastries are dirt cheap (like 100 pesos which is like 20 cents). They have something called a Berlin that´s a bread ball with carmel inside or cream inside. I LOVE them. We are eating well in the house as well. Elder Abrams is an awesome cook and I´m happy. Haha!
I am adapting to the Chileno Spanish hear which helps me understand a lot more. Like how the randomly end “-po” at the end of some of the words or how they won´t say the “s” at the end of the some of the words. It is still tough but better. I love the members here. We are trying to be the best obedient missionaries to be the most trustworthy for the members as well.
This week made me understand how important “prayer” is because without the exercising of our faith to know if things are true through prayer, we are not going to get a testimony for ourselves of the Gospel. There were two men that we recently started teaching who would deliberately NOT pray to know if this message was true. They could ask every question in the world for us to convince them but unless they prayed, they would not know. Focus on the principles and PRAY for yourself to know if they are true!!!!!!! It is SO simple but pride impedes everyone. We taught Christian for the last time on Saturday because he still hadn´t prayed about baptism cuz he knew the Lord would say yes. So, during the lesson, I proposed that the 3 of us (Elder Abrams, Christian and I) knelt down and he prayed about it. We did it and as he prayed, I felt the Spirit testify of his baptism stronger than anything in my life. When we got up and asked him to be baptized, he denied...for now. It was one of the saddest experiences of my life but he didn´t listen to the Spirit and there is nothing else we can do.
On the bright side, we put a baptism date on a father of a family (Juan) who wants to baptize his SON!!!!! Also Lorena, who is stopping smoking. Things are looking up. Pray for us. I need some uplifting words from Austin. Take Care!

-Elder Boaz

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Doing good!

¡Hola de la Obra del Señor en Doñihue, Chile!

Before I say anything else, I wann say HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTIN and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! I´m so glad I am from a free country and receive blessings in my life from being raised in a great atmosphere! I wish I could´ve been home for Independence Day but I think being in Chile right now is a little better. Haha!
So I have some good news and some unfortunate news to share from this week. Let´s Stara with the unfortunate news so we can end on a good note. Well, you probably already know that Michael Jackson died. I almost cried when I heard that cuz now there won´t be any more music from him. L Everyone here is actino like it´s a huge tragedy. I feel bad but know that he´s DEFINITELY gonna get a good chance in the afterlife because of his earth life actions. Also, we had two earthquakes this past week that were pretty sweet, Don´t worry, we´re ok. Lol.
So now for some normal unfortunate news, Christian ( the non-member father that´s gone to church for 10 years) didn´t end up getting baptized. What happened was that when we had set the baptismal date for him and asked him to pray about the date, he said yes. But when we checked in with him 3 days later, he said he wasn´t ready and still wanted to think about it. The truth was that he didn´t pray because he know that if he prayed he KNEW that the Lord World answer his prayer and he didn´t have the courage to pray. We met with him Wednesday night and had a powerful lesson with him about his family and about prayer. We left him with the commitment to pray again and he said would sincerely do it this time because he said this past month is the first time in his life that he´s seriously thought about baptism. I hope he accepts it cuz if not, we are going to have to stop teaching him. It´s sad but Elder Abrams and I understand how important our time is and that we need to focus on the elite. This scenario is another testament of how powerful prayer is and the real intent we have to have behind every prayer. The Lord WILL answer our prayers when we have the faith.(Moroni 10:7, 20-23)
On the bright side, I have had some amazing experiences with prayer lately and strengthened myself here. I had struggled a bit this past week because the language is still a big struggle to understand and on top of it, I don´t know too many scriptures to be able to be as effective of a missionary as I´d like to be. I got discouraged and Elder Abrams and I had a long talk during our companionship inventory about it. He is an amazing guy and I couldn´t be more blessed to have an anchor like him to train me. He showed me a scripture in Mosiah 4:27 which says, “And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore, all things must be done in order.” When I read that, I about cried. I know that the Lord has work for me and all of us to accompish and when we are diligent and make goals that aren´t out of our means, we will grow immensely. We knelt down and prayed and I feel so much more confident in the Lord. My FAITH has strengthened and I will do all I can but take it one step at a time.
I wish I could talk a ton more but our time is up. We set a baptism date with a Lady named Lorena (37 years old with 2 teenage daughters). She´s been taught for 2 months now and is really smart. She understands apostasy, restoration, and the priesthood. She FINALLY CAME to church yesterday and we were so happy. We need to help her leave smoking and we just watched Special Witnesses of Christ with her last week. She got to meet some of the ladies in the ward and feels welcomed now. Oh the joy of the Gospel!!!!! Pray for her. We are also close to setting baptism dates with a guy named Juan and his family. Juan wants to get baptized first so he can baptize his two kids. I´m so happy!
Well, I got the mail mom! It takes 9 days for it to get here and I´m grateful for the Plan of Salvation papers. They are going to help! J Everyone one of NEEDS to study Preach My Gospel. It helps us learn the basics of the Gospel that we are suppose to know and brings us to become better in sharing the Gospel with others. Love you all!

1. Elder Cannon and Elder Duarte (Zone Leaders)
2. Service. I was cutting bushes with SCISSORS
3. Service at the Relief Society President´s house.
4. Pernil (The HUGE leg of a pig!)
5. Us studying
6. Our house just for us 2
7. Us in the sunset in Cerro Chólera

-Elder Boaz

Thursday, July 2, 2009

June 29th, 2009

Hola a Todos!

This email will be very, very short cuz I had to do a survey for my mission president and write to him. To answer all of your questions, mom:
Are you keeping warm enough? Yes I am. We have plenty of blankets in the house where we live.
Did you buy a sleeping bag or blankets? No, I didn´t buy one cuz I don´t need one.
Did you use your ATM card? No. I only use the credit card that they gave me for the mission but I might use my own card soon to buy a couple extra things.
Are your gloves warm enough? Yes. I bought an extra pair of knit gloves to wear under because my other ones are holy. Don´t worry, they were REALLY cheap. Lol!
Are you keeping dry enough? It´s only rained really bad about 3 days so far here. One of them was yesterday. I´m doing fine with that though. Staying dry.
The week has been great but trying at the same time. We might have to "kill" (stop teaching) a couple of really good investigators, but at the same time we will have a baptism next weekend with Christian (the guy that has gone to church for 10 years with a wife and son). I´m so excited that we finally pushed him to it. It´s been great. Elder Abrams and I are working really hard. We received a new document for the area of Chile that´s called "Permaneced". It´s amazing and inspired. We are suppose to incorporate it in our lessons now to help people realize the gift of the Holy Ghost. And that after they become members, they have to maintain this gift and remain in the church. I love it!
One last thing. A man in our branch wants to know "How much does it cost for one hour of light (electricity) in California?" He needs to know for his work. I think it´s measured in per kilowatt.
"I am a 19 year old kid preaching the Gospel in another country while paying for it for myself because I KNOW THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS IS TRUE!"
That was my response to the question of an investigator we taught this week. This work is amazing. You all have to do it! Love ya. I promise pictures will come next week. Cíao!

Elder Boaz

June 22, 2009

Hello to all Loved ones and friends! What´s up?!?!?!

I´m so sorry cuz this is going to be a really short email this week. It took forever to load all of the pictures to send to you. But it´s ok. I´m growing so much out here. So we had the opportunity to listen to go to Santiago on Tuesday for a two-mission conference with Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. It was an unforgettable experience. The main thing to remember was that "We must do the best that we can, and leave the Rest to the Lord." He spoke on Principles and how a principle links the doctrines and covenants of the Gospel with the rules that we follow. It was so impactful and I felt the Spirit. I wish I could explain more about it but can´t.
HAPPY FATHER`s DAY, DAD! I love so much and am grateful for your influence in my life. I can´t wait for the day when I can give you a hug again when I return. You´ve given me such a firm foundation of the Gospel in my life and I love thinking about all the things you´re achieving in your life and what an example that is. I hope that your father´s day was worth it for you cuz you deserve it. Tell Aaron that I wish him a happy birthday as well. I´m so glad that the girls are having great experiences at their camps this summer. Did Rebekah get noticed well at the Band Camp at BYU. Let me know! And I hope they have tons of fun at EFY this year. It was such a fun spiritual time for me as well. Haha!! Good times, memories. I miss all my boys that are on their missions as well. It´s so good to know that we´re serving the Lord.
So on Friday, I probably had one of the most physically worst days on my mission thus far. It rained heavy for about 24 hours and we had to knock doors for 5 HOURS straight in the rain. The worst part about it was that we didn´t get into one single door! Everybody was either “busy” or “in bed” (in the middle of the day). Ugh! But Elder Abrams and I made it a fun time. We were joking and laughing the whole time. I had my rubber shoe coverings on (they´re brilliant!), my rain coat, a sweater, my gloves, ear muffs, and my umbrella. It was horrid! But it made me grateful for what I was doing out here. I´m working hard to serve my Savior Jesus Christ who suffered everything for me. We were doing our part and the Lord´s work will come to pass in His time. We pray before everything here and for everything we do here. I have become so much more grateful for the gift of prayer that we have received. I feel so much more personal with my Heavenly Father. Pray more often is my advice to all of you. It will bring you more blessings when you show your gratitude for the things you´ve received already. You´ll also be able to do more when you rely on the Lord in prayer for support.
I spoke in Sacrament meeting yesterday with my companion. We were assigned to speak on missionary work and I was nervous out of my mind!!!!! But as I got up to speak, the words just came and I felt like I was speaking by the power of God. It was a blessed experience. We really need to push the members to get more references with us to work with cuz that is what give us more chances to teach. Last night when we were knocking doors in the FREEZING cold, we found a family of 5 with some of their friends to teach. It was and intimidating experience cuz they were all in their teens or older. But we taught the Restoration with power and clarity and were able to answer their questions. They were very intrigued and we are coming back. I KNOW that we are blessed because of our efforts. Elder Abrams and I are working so hard to get at least one baptism by next Saturday. Please pray for this man named Christian Granifo who is a husband and father of a 5-year-old son whom are members. He knows he needs to get baptized and we are showing our love for him, which is helping. I love this work more and more everyday! It is so addicting. Haha!
One last funny thing to share. So you, as my family, remember how I lost the new metal watch in the airport on the way here. SO i bought a new watch for about $7 on the street here. About a week later, that watch broke also. Haha! I´m just having bad luck with watches. I´m going to look for ANOTHER one today. Haha! Oh well. Take care everyone. The Church of Jesus Christ is restored in it´s fullness today and we are preaching it. I love you all. God Bless! Read Helaman 5 in the Book of Mormon. I read it this morning and it´s an awesome story of missionary work. ¡Hasta proxima Semana!

Elder Boaz

Monday, June 15, 2009

Week two in Chile has flown by!

Hola unos amados,

Wow, time flies when you really get yourself involved in the work. It´s already been two weeks and SO much has happened, but I only get one hour of email on p-days and i have to write to our mission president and read an bunch of emails. ¡Demasiado estres! Pero, esta bien. Me gusta la obra misional muchisimo y estoy muy ocupado con enseñar muchas personas del Evangelio de Jesucristo Restaurado en el Mundo. I´m trying to write a little bit in Spanish cuz I am struggling a bit in the language still. I wanna understand the people that we meet but It´s so difficult when they speak so fast! I get an hour of extra lanuguage stury everyday for my first two changes (6 weeks each change) as a greeny. I love my companion because he is so strong, supportive, knows Spanish well and expects a lot. We are hoping for two baptisms this month because that is the goal that our mission president gave us but it is coming down to the wire! We have sergio (72 years old) that I talked a little bit about last week. He has been coming to church for the past 3 years and his grand-daughter, who he looks after, just got baptized last month. He kept making up ridiculous excuses until last week when we shared a powerful lesson and he finally told us what was keeping him from getting baptized. I can´t say what but it deeply humbled me and I have such a bigger desire to help the people here. There are so many people here with many problems and I KNOW the Gosple is here to bless them but they are blinded by the social aspect of religion. Almost everyone here is Evangelist or Catholic and think that being religious means having a bunch of pictures of Christ hanging in your house. My companion and I are going to work a ton harder to listen for the REAL doubts of people to help them faster. We are also going to try to incorporate the members of the branch more often even though a lot of them live so far apart. I love the Gospel and the sacrifice and message of our Savior Jesus Christ. This work is true and the Gospel of Christ is restored! I love you all! Hasta proxima semana!

Elder Boaz

Monday, June 8, 2009

Josh's first week in Chile!

¿Qué tal todos?

It´s so nice to type on a Spanish keyboard and be able to type all of the spanish characters that I want. But it´s tough at the same time cuz I am trying to talk in english and it keeps correcting me to spanish. Hhaaha! Just so you know, our P-days here are on Mondays but it depends when we write our emails. Wow, there has been so much to get use to here that I don´t know where to start. I don´t remember if I told you about our house but it´s nice. It is just the two of us in our sector so we are only two living in our house. We live in a duplex in the back of a cul-de-sac. Overall, the house is nice for humble conditions. I have a greater respect for the Chilean culture here. Out here, the houses aren´t amazing to look at but when you go inside, the people really make their houses look quality nice. The work is awesome here. I won´t lie, I have had a rough first week with working with Elder Abrams but it was exciting and so worth it. I love the gospel and having the opportunity to share with every person we walk past on the street or their house. The first day we were here, we had a district meeting and I got to meet my Zone and district. My district leader is Elder Alvarez from Argentina and he is a really good teacher. We learned about making effective contacts and how we can share the Gospel mor short and powerful. That is what President Resek wants in the mission: that we make our lessons no longer than 30 minutes because if they are short and powerful, then we can leave when the spirit is the strongest and have them wanting more.
The people here are very friendly as I have been told before the mission but they have about 10 excuses that everyone uses when we want to share a message…. “I´m Catholic or Evangelist”(popular), “I work all the time.” “I´m never home.” “All religions lead to God.” “Estoy Ocupado ( I´m busy).” That´s the most popular one. Anyways, we have a baptism date coming up for two investigators on June 20th with a father named Juan in Lo Miranda and Sergio who has been active in the church for 3 years but does not wanna get baptized yet cuz he´s not ready for the committment. It´s not the best excuse cuz he´s 72 and wouldn´t really have any responsibilities in the ward. We´re visiting him today to see if he prayed about the baptism date that we gave to him. We are haveing the privilege to here from Elder Tallin H. Oaks of the Twelve Apostles on June 16th at our Mission Conference. I am SO excited!!!!!!
The language is a DEFINITE struggle fro me right now cuz all of the Chilenos speak so fast and it´s almost like I learned nothing in the MTC but everyday I am progressing and my companion is an AMAZING trainer. Elder Abrams is so supportive but he doesn´t baby me. I am so grateful for his hard working nature and wanting to progress and set goals like me. This is going to be a great first companionship of my mission. I feel like we are going to work amazing together. He knows spanish very well and I want to learn spanish very well, so I feel like with time, I will get better. I have more to tell you so I will write a letter that will go with this email. I love you all and thank you for your support. Thank you again. No vemos.

Con Amor,
Elder Boaz

P.S. Next week I will send pictures and give you a big list of emails to forward all of my emails to so I am being obedient. Lol. Thanks Mom and Paps!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm in Chile now!!!

As of right now, it is 8:30 PM, I´m in an internet café and my companion is sitting on the ground next to me. This is amazing!!! This plane flight was the longest flight I had ever been on in my life and I am dead from it. We left the MTC at 5 AM, got on our flight to L.A. at 8:35, had a 3 hour layover in LA, then flew 7 hours down to Lima, Peru to get gas, and then fly 3 more hours to Santiago where we got there at 4 AM. With the time change and by the time we got to the President´s house and everything, it was about a 25 hour trip. We were exhausted when we got to the President´s house. It was sooooo good to hear from everyone in the family except for the girls. I feel so bad that I missed their lunch time during school. Soy triste. :( Pero, esta bien. I feel like I´m already learning so much more just from listening, speaking , and using the language. I´m engulfed in it and I love it. Now, as for my president. He is a tall, lanky, friendly, and loving man. I have a deep love for him already cuz I know he is inspired. He welcomed us with huge open arms when we got to his house from the airport. He talked to us as a group for about 20 minutes and allowed us to go take naps for about 2 1/2 hours. We woke up, met the AP´s (Elder Duarte from El Salvador and Elder Cannon from Salt Lake City), took showers in his house and were interviewed. Then, we had breakfast which was so good! The juice they have here is SO delicious! But I´m probably gonna get cancer cuz it had Aspartine in it. Sorry dad! Lol. We went into Rancagua to the mission office after to go through an orientation and ERASE our Myspace and Facebook accounts. My heart is broken. Mom, and the girls can´t keep up no my facebook group anymore cuz they don´t want any elder being distracted. I would never use it, but they had some problems with other Elders using it in the past. Oh well. When i get home and Log on to my mission, I can create my account and it will be the same account again.
My companion is Elder Abrams from Star Valley, Wyoming. He is an awesome, down to earth guy. I can already tell that we´re going to have a good relationship. He is a hard worker (Elder Cannon "AP" told me). He knows the lanuage well, and he is very humble. He played soccer and football in high school and we have a lot in common. In our sector, we are the only two elders living in a house to ourselves. It´s really nice. We are living in Doñihue, Chile which is south west of Rancagua for about 30 minutes. While speaking with some of the other trainers that were getting some of the Gringos, I felt comfortable with talking to them. I could understand for the most part but still need Elder Abram´s help. He is so supportive. While I have been talking, they feel like my Spanish is better than normal at the beginning which is nice but I don´t think so. I can´t wait to learn more and more Spanish. It´s been one day and I´ve learned a lot. By, the way, it was so COOL to talk to Autin on the phone in Spanish and understand him while we were talking. I could actually reply as well! Well, we´ve gotta get back to the house for the night, so I will talk to you all later. ¡Nos vemos!

Con amor,
Elder Chile Rancagua Misión

Thursday, May 28, 2009

MTC Pictures

The Final Countdown!

Hola Padres, Hermanos, Hermanas, Amigos, y quienquere más,

Wow, these past two days have really brightened my last experiences at the MTC. We were able to hear Elder Douglas Callister of the Seventy speak on Tuesday night about the Role of the Atonement and that we really need to know WHO Jesus Christ IS and what the meaning of what he did really is. The veil will be the thinnest between this world and heaven when we are testifying of Chirst, our Savior and showing others how they can be infinitely clean through His Infinite Atonement. Wow, what a talk! Elder Metcalf found out that same day that he received his VISA and actually left yesterday morning. He was a great kid, to be honest, and I'm happy that he was able to get out to Argentina where he needs to be. I know that Elder Johnson and I will be able to make these last few days as effective as possible. We are progressing well with a couple of our investigators, Fausta and Miguel (Hermana Gain and Hermano Coles). I know that when we put our differences aside and REALLY focus on bringing the spirit to the investigator in a personal way, they will feel how the Gospel will bless their lives and why they need it. A couple minutes before our last appointment last night, Elder Johnson said something about someone very close to me that deeply offended me. Even though he wasn't trying to hurt me, we got in a fumed, fast argument that drove away the presence of the Holy Ghost faster than I can ever remember. I was devastated at that moment, to say the least, and we had to teach a lesson 5 minutes later. When we got there, I asked if Hermano Coles (Miguel), who taught with Austin, if Elder Johnson and I could have a second alone. We talked and said a prayer and moments later I began loving Elder Johnson just the same as I had before and we brought the Spirit back stronger than was before.That lesson that we had taught was one of the most Spiritual experiences I've had outside of the Temple in my life. I Love the power of god that we have been blessed with through the Priesthood. It allows us to be instruments in the Lord's hands. I was just pondering my role as a missionary the other day and talking about it to Elder Monroe (The district Leader of the newest district in our zone). Elder Monroe is actually from Poway, CA. Does Dad or Mom know anyone Monroe family from Poway? Anyways, As Elder Monroe and I were talking, I realized that "We can't be the Lord's hands, we are only able to be the tools in the Lord's hands. The rest is all dependant on our faith and the Lord's will." I feel blessed to know that as long as I put forth my best efforts and am obedient, the Lord will take care of the rest.
MOM and AUSTIN! I got to sing "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul" on this Past Sunday! It was at a Departure Devotional with about a fourth of the MTC there. All I can say is "Wow, what a blessing!" Our pianist was amazing, my duet elder was so helpful, and I loved all of it. I really felt like we were singing for the Lord and that the Congregation felt my testimony. The best part about it was that we sang it the best that we had ever done.
So I will be calling you all during my layover in LA. I hope to get the calling card and watch in time. Thank you so much for the packing tips buu I don't think toothpaste and shampoo will make too much of a difference. I will be smart when I pack though. I don't know what else to say except that I love you all who are reading my emails and supporting me and to all my friends and family that aren't aware as well. Haha! I am committing EVERYONE who has has been reading my emails to read the Book Of Mormon. It is the word of God and the Most True book of any other book on the earth. I know this to be true because I have prayed with a sincere open heart to know and it has been manifested to me that the Book of Mormon is true. Anyone who will read it and do the same will know of a surety as I do that it is true. Whether you were born in the LDS Church or have heard of it for the first time, it is and will ever be the whole true Gospel of God on the earth! I love you all and will always cuz we're all sons and daughters of our Heavenly father.

Elder Boaz (Bible) Isaiah 41:10, (Book of Mormon) Moroni 10:3-5

P.S. Mom, make sure you post my Mission Field address, the pouch one, now cuz I won't get anymore mail if people send their letters after tomorrow or maybe even tomorrow. I saw Kellen Laker today in the cafeteria! It was so awesome to see him and he looks awesome, just like a missionary. I am so happy for himn to be here! Anyways, talk to you all later.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

About ready to go to Chile!

May 26th,2009
Hola Todos!

My goodness , I have so much to write and not enough time. I will start off with how my week has gone......very rough. This past week, we taught 21 LESSONS in the Teaching Evalution Center this past week. I am astounded as to how we accomplished that. We taught 7 lessons alone on Saturday and I feel blessed to have gained that experience in teaching to be more prepared for the field. As for our companionship, everything hasn't been roses this past week. Elder Metcalf has made it quite difficult to be productive with him having an opposing opinion to everything!!! It is tough to mold Elder Johnson's and mine teaching style and our schedule for each day to Elder Metcalf's. He is a nice guy with a bright personality, but he is making us late alot, causing arguments about every little thought when it's not significant at times, and wants to do it all his way. He is trying hard to work with us and I'm not saying I am perfect either cuz I probably haven't helped the situation at times, but we are trying hard to work out all the kinks so we can be a better companionship. I love the Holy Ghost cuz it has helped us teach with the Spirit at times and we have definitely had some fun times as well. I just hope we can do as much as possible to help us be ready for the Mission Field in 6 DAYS!!!!
I have felt the trials of the adversary working on me as I am trying to finish these last days out strong. He is trying to make it tough for me to be productive and get along with my companion who I have come to love SO MUCH here (Elder Johnson). His testimony has been what has fueld me to be better as well and I am so grateful for that.
Now, let's get down to business: I need a cheap METAL watch from Walmart that preferrably has a digital face cuz the watch we originally got makes my wrist stink horribly. Hahaha! I also need a calling card if you haven't already sent me one. I haven't received the socks and USB yet. Probably today though. I can possibly get all of my pictures on a RW-CD here at the bookstore and try to send that home to you first so I'm all empty for the rest of my mission. Mom, Taylor Robinson was a friend of mine from high school. Just let her know that I'm on a mission and I am doing great.....and that i said "hi!" By the way, what is my blog address the blog that rebekah made for me? I want to give it to other people that I'm writing letters to. We are going to be reporting at the front of the mtc at 5 in the morning. we depart salt lake city at 8:35 on Delta Air Lines flight 1173. We arrive in L.A. at 9:33 where we have a 4 hour lay over until our next flight. our next flight leaves at 1:20 PM on Lan Chile S.A. flight 601. we arrive in Santiago at 5:25 AM. I will call home first and then call your cell phone mom to set up three way with austin. that is so awesome that rachael made the soccer team. i will talk to you about other things on thursday. i got taylor's email and address for his home. it is soo good to hear from all of you. i am ready to preach the gospel to the people of chile. i love you all and will talk to you soon.
Elder Boaz

Monday, May 18, 2009

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Que tál?

No puedo decir usted como animado estoy por ensnando Hermano Coles. Ese hombre es magnificio. Él tiene el Espíritu Santo cuando nos enseña. Mi experiencia aquí es maravilloso. Yo entendo sobre la regla de no mandando emails a otras personas. Yo no se cómo important esa regla fue.
Ok, in english now. I don´t have much time and my head hurts from thinging. Haha! I definitely won´t email other people besides immediate family then. Está bien. I really feel like my spanish is progressing well and I hope to become much better in these next 2 1/2 weeks before the mission field. It's ridiculous how much Elder Johnson and I have planned citas para the TEC. I love it there and am excited to work with Brother Coles. His personality is so funny! I have also been able to have some amazing experiences with real investigators in the Referral Center. There are a couple ladies I have been chatting and talking with to help become baptized. One, Tina Noble is he=aving trouble stopping smoking and I have been trying to help her see how the scripture, HG, and the Lord can help her. Hopefully she'll come around cuz her two sons just got baptized and her 16-year-old wants to go on a mission. I know that when we are helping others, we are bringing ourselves closer to Christ as well. It gives me so much joy to bring the Gospel to those who need it! The other lady, Shannon Murphy, has a non-denominational mindset but has so many similar beliefs to the true Gospel that it amazes me. She knows she needs to get baptized but I have been trying to help her understand proper authority and exercising the weekly covenants she makes each week by going to church. It's DEFINITELY a learning experience!
My companion and i will be zone leaders next week. Pray for us. It's not too big of a deal in the MTC but I need the help and humility. Haha!
Ahhhhhh! I almost forgot to tell you that Elder Russell M. Nelson came to speak to us on Tuesday. We had two apostels for two weeks in-a-row. I feel SOOOOO blessed. Elder Nelson spoke about the friendly, clean, clear, and dignified presence we need to have as missionaries in the field. He wants us to use a simple phrase when people ask what we're doing: "Seguimos a Jesucristo." We need to short but dignified in our speeach and keep our batteries charged in the field so we can keep going. I loved his message. It was much shorter than I thought it would be but he was funny and I loved every minute of it. :) Well, we'll talk soon. I love you all. The Gospel is true!


Elder Boaz

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's been a great week!

Hola Familia y amigos,

Yo tengo mucho cosas a hablar sobre y estoy teniendo mucho divertido. Me encanta todas las cosas que estoy aprendiendo en el CCM (MTC). Mis maestros son muy bueno maestros. Pero, pienso que hablara en ingles ahora.
Ok, there was just a little taste of my Spanish. I promise that I've learned a ton more than that and can speak more complex but writing is totally different than typing. So anyways, this wee has been pretty awesome. I don't think I told you already, but guess who came to last week's devotional?!?!?!.........Elder M. Russell Ballard of the 12 Apostles. It was awesome; apparently he also has a grand-daughter in the MTC right now that I have met to. It was such a good talk. He spoke about How important it is for us to have a "desire" to serve everyday of our lives and then that desire will ignite a desire in our companions and investigators. I thought it was interesting when he said that in the beginning the missionary is more important than the Gospel because they are responsible for making a good impression with the investigators before they even teach them any lessons. I loved it all and took a ton of nots but can't remember them right now. When we sang in the MTC choir, it was so peaceful. We won't be singing for a few weeks now cuz they are resurfacing the gym floor and we have to wth all of the devotionals and firesides in the Main building where you dropped me off. It's fine though. I am going to practice the song that dad sent me with two other missionaries today. One is from another zone, but sings amazing and one is in our zone and already has his Bachelor's of Music from BYU in piano AND organ. The guy is amazing. I'm excited, we'll probably tryout next week.
I saw Colby Tanner in the cafeteria this past week! It was awesome. He is teaching a district that I have gym time with all the time so that was a funny coincidence. Elder Johnson is typing for me now so this should be much faster. Colby Tanner and I talked in Spanish for a little bit and it was fun seeing him. Also this past week, my companion and I have picked up two "progressing investigators" at the teaching center. this is going to help us so much in teaching to needs and helping people progress in the gospel. what is an even funnier coincidence is that one of the teachers that is our investigator taught with austin while he was here. austin actually trained this teacher. his name is brother coles and he is an amazing guy. we have only met with him for a total of 45 minutes and we have already learned so much. i am excited for these next three weeks because i know that we are going to learn so much more. we have had the chance to hear from teachers that our spanish is progressing well. elder johnson and i are getting into a groove where we are able to work much more productively as a companionship. the spirit is helping us. i am excited for ryan olson and Kellen Laker to be coming into the mtc soon and i will definately look for them. Cody Lehr is leaving for the mtc in AFRICA on my birthday August 20th. that's exciting. i have also seen derrick taylor here in the mtc and elder mitchell left yesterday. it's amazing how everyone is going into the missions.
i am not sick any more and have been taking my vitamins pretty well. mom, you do not need to send me a new health pack if that next order is coming. we enjoyed the apple pie thoroughly. my whole district devoured it.
funny story in the referral center. i was chatting with a girl who had questions about what happens to people that aren't baptized in this life and it was a perfect question. she asked if they are just confined to hell and when i went to reply i said, "God does confine them to hell." when i meant to say "God does NOT confine them to hell." what is even funnier is that after that sentence i said, "that is what is sooo great about the gospel of jesus christ." she was taken back and i had to correct my self. my companion and i were cracking up.
Other than all of that, my testimony is gatteing a stronger and stronger and this Gospel is being more concrete in my mind. I know the Book of Mormon is true and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth again. Talk to you all soon again!!!!

Elder Boaz

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Josh had exciting experiences in MTC and is Grateful for the letters!....

Hola a todos!

how are you all doing? i have had a great week and some pretty funny experiences to go along with it. i would like to thank you all for your letters and i have had some extra people write to me. i need to know austin's email and addresses for the summer so i can write him. i am short on time so i will fill you in on some things and write you more on thursday. last tuesday craig zwick of the 70 spoke to us on listening to the spirit and listening to others. it was really powerful. i have learned how important it is to listen to the spirit and i am so glad that i have the opportunity to go to the temple each week and feel the spirit. my companion and i did initiatory today and it was a great experience. i love the people i am able to serve.
guess what dad? i found a relative in the mtc that is related to aaron. he is aaron's nephew. his mom is michelle cloward and his name is elder camren cloward. michelle is apparently aaron's sister. it was cool to meet him. i got his phone number and will give it to you soon. he is going to jacksonville florida.
one of our teachers, hermano pearson, is leaving us and it is sad because he reminds me of austin. i love the way he teaches and he was a great example of obedience. we are getting a great new teacher though, hermano dela cruz. i have learned so much more about the atonement and advise you to read mosiah 2:34 and alma 7:11. they really show us what we need to do and how we can utilize the atonement. i have learned how to apply the atonement to every day of my life and it has given me comfort. one last note, my speakers are messed up. if i can't find new ones, i will let you know. i will give you more updates on thursday.
gospel is true. i love you all
elder boaz

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Week three done! 4-21-09

Hola Mi Familia y Amigos!

I don't know where to start. I was going to write to you alll about some things on last Thursday when we had our makeup p-day but I didn't send the email off in time and it closed down on me. I was SOOOOOO MAD! It was a pretty awesome email, I must say. I'll try to do my best to tell you what has all happened these past 7 days.
Last Tuesday night, Elder JEFFREY R. HOLLAND of the Twelve Apostles came to speak to us. It was the most amazing talk I have EVER experienced in my life. I took for pages of notes and might photocopy and send them to you. I was in the MTC Choir for the devotional and we sang "Redemmer of Israel". On the 3rd verse, just the men sang a four-part harmony in acapella and I got chills. It was an amazing experience to sing for an Apostle of the Lord! He was so passionate when he spoke to us. It was the most personal I've ever felt with a general authority. He spoke on the EXTREME importance of our missions and the can NEVER walk away from the Lord. We are his disciples for TWO years straight and we cannot let up for ANY of that time. I'm so motivated, you can't even believe it. He said, "You are out here to save the world!" He cried, he joked, he hit the pulpit. I could feel the earnest importance in everything he said.
Tell Austin I'm thankful for his letter in Spanish but I don't think I'll have the time to reply in Spanish yet, Only english. Haha! I'm so glad for Dad's letter to. But I'm dying out here! My whole district gets letters from people EVERY DAY......and i get them like every 5 or 6 days. Lol. My comp. gets a couple every day, but I guess I can't let that distract me. The food here is great but we've been warned not to drink the orange juice or eat the eggs cuz they give you horrible gas! Haha, maybe that was TMI....oh well. ;-P My ankle is getting a lot better. I bought an ankle brace and am being careful. But it's amazing how fast it's healing. I'm staying in shape, don't worry. Haha.
Tell Bob Stiles I said hi and give him my mission address! i am so happy for rachael and the opportunity that she has with byu and sdsu. i don't know what to say for advice right now but i will pray for her and give her my input soon. i think she is mature enough to figure it out through prayer and see what is best for her. thank you for the package that i will be getting soon but i also need you to send some ankle socks. i only have two pairs. i will watch my wait on my bags and won't get too many things. i am excited to say that me and my companion are progressing very well and one of our teachers hermana gain, has really noticed. i am humbled by the responsibility in progress she sees in us and that she knows we have a great potential. we had the opportunity to teach her as herself and not a fake investigator. it brought such a spirit because we were able to teach to her needs and be led by the spirit. last wednesday night, i woke up to a shooting pain in my shoulder blade and needed two of the missionaries in my district to give me a blessing. we went up to the front desk at a wonderful 2 a.m. in the morning while at the same time it was snowing 5 inches outside. we look back on it and crack up because we were running through the hall ways in our slippers and basketball shorts with big sweaters on. we got some food for me in the cafeteria AND NO ONE was in there. now we always say to each other, "i wonder what it looks like with no one in here. . .at 2 in the morning!" it's pretty funny. but i am better and everything is going well.
i feel like my gospel study and progression has accelerated 100x more. it's amazing how much you can digest in such little time. yet it has already been three weeks.
i would like you to send me photocopy pages of the stake directory or ward directory so i can write to people. that way at least i can at least hope to expect letters. tell rebecca to post my mission address on facebook and to urge people to write. it's a great joy to hear how people are doing. i will have more to talk about on my thursday email.

my testimony is so strong in the gospel and i want you all to know that. god's speed.
elder boaz