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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Josh had exciting experiences in MTC and is Grateful for the letters!....

Hola a todos!

how are you all doing? i have had a great week and some pretty funny experiences to go along with it. i would like to thank you all for your letters and i have had some extra people write to me. i need to know austin's email and addresses for the summer so i can write him. i am short on time so i will fill you in on some things and write you more on thursday. last tuesday craig zwick of the 70 spoke to us on listening to the spirit and listening to others. it was really powerful. i have learned how important it is to listen to the spirit and i am so glad that i have the opportunity to go to the temple each week and feel the spirit. my companion and i did initiatory today and it was a great experience. i love the people i am able to serve.
guess what dad? i found a relative in the mtc that is related to aaron. he is aaron's nephew. his mom is michelle cloward and his name is elder camren cloward. michelle is apparently aaron's sister. it was cool to meet him. i got his phone number and will give it to you soon. he is going to jacksonville florida.
one of our teachers, hermano pearson, is leaving us and it is sad because he reminds me of austin. i love the way he teaches and he was a great example of obedience. we are getting a great new teacher though, hermano dela cruz. i have learned so much more about the atonement and advise you to read mosiah 2:34 and alma 7:11. they really show us what we need to do and how we can utilize the atonement. i have learned how to apply the atonement to every day of my life and it has given me comfort. one last note, my speakers are messed up. if i can't find new ones, i will let you know. i will give you more updates on thursday.
gospel is true. i love you all
elder boaz

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Week three done! 4-21-09

Hola Mi Familia y Amigos!

I don't know where to start. I was going to write to you alll about some things on last Thursday when we had our makeup p-day but I didn't send the email off in time and it closed down on me. I was SOOOOOO MAD! It was a pretty awesome email, I must say. I'll try to do my best to tell you what has all happened these past 7 days.
Last Tuesday night, Elder JEFFREY R. HOLLAND of the Twelve Apostles came to speak to us. It was the most amazing talk I have EVER experienced in my life. I took for pages of notes and might photocopy and send them to you. I was in the MTC Choir for the devotional and we sang "Redemmer of Israel". On the 3rd verse, just the men sang a four-part harmony in acapella and I got chills. It was an amazing experience to sing for an Apostle of the Lord! He was so passionate when he spoke to us. It was the most personal I've ever felt with a general authority. He spoke on the EXTREME importance of our missions and the can NEVER walk away from the Lord. We are his disciples for TWO years straight and we cannot let up for ANY of that time. I'm so motivated, you can't even believe it. He said, "You are out here to save the world!" He cried, he joked, he hit the pulpit. I could feel the earnest importance in everything he said.
Tell Austin I'm thankful for his letter in Spanish but I don't think I'll have the time to reply in Spanish yet, Only english. Haha! I'm so glad for Dad's letter to. But I'm dying out here! My whole district gets letters from people EVERY DAY......and i get them like every 5 or 6 days. Lol. My comp. gets a couple every day, but I guess I can't let that distract me. The food here is great but we've been warned not to drink the orange juice or eat the eggs cuz they give you horrible gas! Haha, maybe that was TMI....oh well. ;-P My ankle is getting a lot better. I bought an ankle brace and am being careful. But it's amazing how fast it's healing. I'm staying in shape, don't worry. Haha.
Tell Bob Stiles I said hi and give him my mission address! i am so happy for rachael and the opportunity that she has with byu and sdsu. i don't know what to say for advice right now but i will pray for her and give her my input soon. i think she is mature enough to figure it out through prayer and see what is best for her. thank you for the package that i will be getting soon but i also need you to send some ankle socks. i only have two pairs. i will watch my wait on my bags and won't get too many things. i am excited to say that me and my companion are progressing very well and one of our teachers hermana gain, has really noticed. i am humbled by the responsibility in progress she sees in us and that she knows we have a great potential. we had the opportunity to teach her as herself and not a fake investigator. it brought such a spirit because we were able to teach to her needs and be led by the spirit. last wednesday night, i woke up to a shooting pain in my shoulder blade and needed two of the missionaries in my district to give me a blessing. we went up to the front desk at a wonderful 2 a.m. in the morning while at the same time it was snowing 5 inches outside. we look back on it and crack up because we were running through the hall ways in our slippers and basketball shorts with big sweaters on. we got some food for me in the cafeteria AND NO ONE was in there. now we always say to each other, "i wonder what it looks like with no one in here. . .at 2 in the morning!" it's pretty funny. but i am better and everything is going well.
i feel like my gospel study and progression has accelerated 100x more. it's amazing how much you can digest in such little time. yet it has already been three weeks.
i would like you to send me photocopy pages of the stake directory or ward directory so i can write to people. that way at least i can at least hope to expect letters. tell rebecca to post my mission address on facebook and to urge people to write. it's a great joy to hear how people are doing. i will have more to talk about on my thursday email.

my testimony is so strong in the gospel and i want you all to know that. god's speed.
elder boaz

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Week two finished!

Hello Family,

Everything sounds so exciting at home with the girls in track and Rachel in soccer and Easter Sunday. Speaking of Easter Sunday, we got a new Branch president which was a shocker cuz I only got to see the other one for a week and a half. President Ryskamp, the previous one, was so cool! But I think I'm going to like the new president as well. His name is President Roundy and he served in Argentina. He's a really sweet man and REALLY good with names already. He remembered almost everyone's name after meeting them for the first time. I Had a great Easter Sunday. During last week, everyone had to write a talk for sacrament meeting on Humility (humildad en espanol) and then in sacrament meeting, they would pick two random missionaries to come and speak in SPANISH! So i was nervous and on top of it, I didn't get my talk translated into Spanish all the way so I was scared out of my mind. Luckily, since our district was new, we didn't get called on (Phew!!!!). But I love our whole zone of missionaries (there are three districts as of now in our zone). They are so nice and supportive and they have a good sense of humor.
I Really feel my habits changing out here. I feel like I am becoming more responsible, planning out ALL of my days, being early to things, and being obedient! (Go figure, right dad?!) Haha! But I now realize how productive life can be when you plan close to everything out. It's so much easier to get things done to! What a concept! I sorta wish I remembered to do that before my mish, but oh well.
Every Monday, we go to the Teaching Resource Center (TRC) and teach the Gospel lessons to "investigator" volunteers. Last week went well, but we ran out of time. But......this week was AMAZING. Both weeks were about the first lesson (The Restoration), but this week Elder Johnson and I were able to teach the people, not just the lesson. We found out about THEM and THEIR NEEDS and then we taught them the lesson around what was most important to them....FAMILIES! I need to be more appreciative to all of my family. But even though these people were volunteers, I really felt we were able to connect with them and help them become closer to Christ! I am noticing the fruits of my labor and progress.
Every week, we are also able to go to the Referral Center whenever we have time. This is where we call people and check up on them to see if they have received a Book of Mormon, Bible, Church DVD's or a Missionary visit. It is so pleasing to talk with people that have an initial interest in the Gospel! I love testifying to them about it's truthfulness and helping them come closer to Christ. I have had a couple interesting experiences but I love answering questions and helping concerns. It is so fulfilling!!! I know I am a called and ordained servant of God! I feel the Holy Ghost guiding me at times. ;)
Sunday was amazing cuz we were able to go to the temple grounds and take pictures with tons of missionaries. it was so peaceful and amazing to see so many missionaries in suits on the church grounds. i have seen elder jarman quite a few times and have gotten a picture with him as well. after the temple, we went to a fireside. Richard I. Heaton spoke, he is the administrator director of the MTC. he spoke about charity and loving everyone as Christ did. i want yo all to read Mosiah 28:3. it talks about how we need to love everyone as if we would have sorrow and pain if they did not know about the gospel. i also learned that when you need to or increase your charity, we must pray for it and seek for it from god. i have a new love for Moroni 7:45-46, which talks about charity.
thank you for the box and please send my Adidas shower sandals.
love you all
Josh (Elder Boaz)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

2nd letter from Josh!

Mi familia,

You have no idea how good it feels to finally get some letters, even if they are in an email. I am having a great time out here. I am writing today because even though our P-day is on Tuesdays, we get a makeup P-day on Thursdays for 1 1/2 hours cuz we have service on the days we have p-days. I love it. cuz I get to check my mail twice a week! I have some bad news that happened yesterday while playing basketball. I was jumping up for the ball and came down on someone's foot. when i landed, i sprained my ankle. It is a little swollen but not too bad. I might be on crutches at least for a week. It's a bummer cuz this exactly what i did NOT want to happen but oh well. I'll be better by the time i leave for Chile.
Sorry if the beginning of my email sounds the same as Rebekah's and Rachel's. I only have 30 minutes to write emails everytime and I don't type very fast so I need to be efficient. Haha!
I had an english fast yesterday where I couldn't speak english the whole day!!!!! I could only speak in spanish, it was so hard but worth it. My companion and I work so well together. This work is amazing. The church is true and I want you and the family to look for good friends to bring to church cuz I regret not doing it before I left.
Thank you for sending me letters in the mail but I haven't received them yet. Hopefully i will soon. I need to learn to type faster! I taught my first discusiion on monday and it was amazing. I'll write you a letter and tell you more about it... Love you all, ttyl!

Elder Boaz

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Josh's 1st letter from the MTC!

Hola familia y amigos!!!! April 7, 2009

The first week at the MTC could not have been a better first week than I could have expected. The first half day here was a little rough because I was exhausted but I felt like everything fell into place after that. I don't know where to start because there are so many things to talk about!!! Well I guess I could start with saying who the first person I saw was after I said goodbye to my family last week. I went through to doors to outside and there was Elder Alejandro Mitchell standing on the sidewalk! It was so funny. We talked for a bit and then I went on to meet my district in the evening.
My district is a little intersting but VERY fun. I am blessed and know that God directed me to be with this group of Elders and Sisters. We work really hard and have a very productive mindset as a group. My companion, Elder Johnson is from Las Vegas and he is a great guy (We're both going to Rancagua, Chile!). He's very patient with me being a little slow to get ready but what's great is that we can joke and laugh and also work hard at the same time, especially with teaching! We are picking up Spanish as a companionship a lot faster than I thought we would. My good memory is kicking in! Haha! The other elders in our district are awesome! Elder Hardy (Millvill, Utah), Elder Tolman (Idaho Falls, Idaho), and Elder Lavulavu (Hawaii) are one companionship going to Guatemala City; and Elder Mead (Morgan, Utah) and Elder Lemmon (Pocatello, Idaho) are the other other companionship (Mead is also going to Rancagua and Lemmon is going to Houston, Texas Spanish speaking). The sister missionaries are Sister Hugo (Sandy, Utah), Sister Green (Portland, Oregon), and Sister Ortiz (Poway, CA).
Anyways, we all enjoy each other's company for the most part (a couple of them can be a little annoying or weird at times, but nobody is perfect. Haha!). The first coupld of large meetings we had this past week for all the newbies were great. This great man named Brother Taylor spoke to us and just got us EXTREMELY fired up spiritually, plus he was hilarious. I am determined to devote all my time to Lord while being out here on my mission, especially after listening to General Conference this past weekend!!! Oh my gosh, what an uplifting and astounding experience! I wrote soooooo many things down that profited me from that conference. It was like a ton of spiritual candy being thrown at us!!! Same with the MTC, it's like an All-You-Can-Eat spiritual buffet. And you all know how much I like All-You-Can-Eat! Well time is getting to be up and I'm a slow typer, but I fel like there is so much more to say! Ahhhhh!!!!! I'll write letters to you all but I need some feedback please! I haven't gotten a letter all week and everone else in my district has!!! Come on fam! Lol.
Mom, send me a list of all the emails that I got omn my cell phone and all the addresses you can think of. Don't froget to put my address on my facebook and blog!!!

Love you all! God Bless!

Elder Boaz!!!!!