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Monday, September 21, 2009

Sept. 21, 2009

Hola a mi Querido Familia,

This week has probably been the most low week that we have had as far as numbers go but has not been all that bad. On Monday, I had a sickness in my stomach that kept me going to the bathroom all day. That was painful and it was a struggle. Don´t worry, I´m fine now. Haha! We´ve been joking about it all week now. On Tuesday, I twisted my ankle during exercises in the morning and by the time that lunchtime CAME around, it felt like a knife was stabbing my ankle. The pain was extreme and I was at the point of tears from all the walking we had done. So in the afternoon, Elder Romero did divisiones with a boy in our ward while I stayed in the house of the member with the other son. I was nervous about going home for this problem with my ankle but after some ice and Ibuprofen, I was good to go for the next day. I know the Lord is looking out for me and wants me to stay here to do his work. I´ve been using the brace I have and feel a little stronger now as we work. Haha, go figure! J
So on Friday, WE HAD FELIZ 18, 2009!!! It was independence day here in Chile and everyone has had their flags outside all week. On Friday, there were tons of Ramadas (little stands for a fair) that were built over Cerro Cólera (where we took the pictures of the subset that one time with Elder Abrams.). Some other Elders from our district came to Doñihue to spend the day with us. It was so much fun and I burnt my neck (that was the best part!!!! Haha, just kidding.) For lunch, we went to the house of these three daughters that just got baptized yesterday. Their parents were less active for some time but have returned and are happy as ever. The mom made an ETERNITY of empanadas and we all ate SO MUCH. I had like 10 (and these were big empanadas as well). They are the Cartagena Family and are so much fun to teach. The parents (Guillermo and Nelly) understand the importante of an eternal family now. I am so filled with joy for them right now and now they can be sealed together forever now.
Mom, send austin whatever he needs for playing soccer. Cleats, shorts, socks, whatever. I´m SO happy for everything else that I´ve read from you all and will try to reply to specific things in the future. Talk to you all later!!!! I have about two months left of USANA. I got all the emails completely from both email addresses.

The Restored Gospel is trae and I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Elder Boaz (AKA Tan Capo)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Monday, Sept. 7, 2009

Hola de Doñihue,

This week has been a little trying for me but I will start on a spiritual thought. I have gained more of a testimony on the truthfulness of our baptism compared to any other baptism in the World. I love the scripture in Ephesians 4 that says ONE Lord, ONE Faith, and ONE Baptism. That doesn´t say that there is one Word for baptism but that there many ways to do it. There is one baptism and one way to accomplish it….with the power and authority of the Holy Priesthood of God. We can compare it the keys. There are leys to open doors of cars, houses, locks, and whatever other thing, but there is only one key to the door of Heaven. I know I have the key to heaven and I´m sharing it with all!!!!!
Now as for the week…..last week we had 80 people in church (when we usually have 55) and yesterday we had 53 people in church. I´m guessing that it was from the rain and the people don´t want to get sick. We found 17 investigators two weeks ago and this past week only had 10. I know the Lord is doing His will in His time so I need to practice my patience. The reason I´m a little bummed about the chrurch asístanse is because we found a big less active family on Wednesday that lives a little far from the church. There are about 16 members of the family that incluye the grandparents(the grandpa used to be first counselor in the bishopric) the sons and daughters, with grandkids. They are the Caroca family and all were really touched when we CAME as we shared of this Permaneced (Remain) document with them from the Presidency of the church of Chile. I felt the spirit and felt like they were going to come to church because they know of the sacrifice and blessing but apparently it wasn´t in God´s hands for them to come. Yesterday was also difficult because the mother of Felipe who was baptized last week, smoked ONE cigarette right before we visited her. So we´ll see if she is still able to be baptized. I´m going to ask all of you to FAST specifically for her this Thursday if it is posible. Thanks for all your support and I love you all. I will try to have more info next week. Pictures are 1.) and 2.) E. Abrams and I; 3.) E. Romero and I.

The Gospel of Jesús Christ is on the earth again. We have to share it! The gift of the Holy Ghost is waiting to help us in our life. Prayer vocally in private to receive it´s promptings. I have recently done that and seen it´s influence in my life more and more!!!!

Elder Boaz