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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sweet is the Work!

¿Qué tal?

Esta semana pasada ha sido buena. We have found quite a few new investigators and hopefully everything progresses well. Elder Abrams and I fasted for a day this past week for Grandpa and Jeremy´s daughter. I hope everything goes well. PLEASE keep me posted. This is past week has also had some ups and downs. To start out, Lorena who was going to have a baptismo date, has had a lot of recent trials and won´t be getting baptized quite yet. She hasn´t been working for 3 months because her hand has problems and she´s been doing therapy. And now her boss told her that she has to work this week and she also worried about other things in her house. We know we couldn´t offer to give her a blessing but let her know about it and suggested it to her thoroughly but she didn´t take it. It is tough to see how much people fear man over God when they say that they have faith in god. I have been using Ether 12:6 a lot lately because we won´t get a testimony of things until AFTER the trial of our faith. Faith DOES NOT come just by believing, you HAVE TO exercise your faith through acts. I´m always reminded of the EFY song that says “Live Like You Believe”. It´s so true and I want to show everyone how they would feel if they had my testimony because then ALL of the people here would get baptized. Haha!
A couple new people that we are working with are a 42 year old lady with her father who is older than Noah….haha, jk. But they are EXTREMELY poor and live in this shack house down a dirt trail, but they have more faith than anyone I have met in my life. Her name is Edulia and the father is Enrique. We had a lesson this week where they did all of the commitments and said they would get baptized and come to church. The greatest thing is that they said they would Orly come to church for god because they don´t care what other people think. Such humility! I almost cried. To you all, don´t care what other people think. And DON¨T judge. Just do what God asks of us. One last thing I advise to you all is that you should make yourselves as available as possible to help the missionaries. Having a member tesify is going to help people feel welcome to the church and increase the missionary work SO MUCH. I wish our members Could make a little more sacrifice for us. It´s tough. A couple great scriptures that you should all STUDY (not just read) are D&C 1:16 and Ether 12:6. These will give you a bigger perspective of our efforts here on Earth and what we should Strive for. Love you all! Take Care!

Con Amor y un abrazo fuerte,
Elder Boaz

P.S. The hair gel i need is "got2b Glued". It´s a small yellow squirt container. I love hearing about everyone at home and your progress. You should be getting personal letters from me in a week or 2. ¡Cíao!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Up and Down Week

Hola a Todos! July 13th, 2009

I wanna Start by saying that I have officially finished my first change and the verdict is……….that i will be staying in Doñihue for 6 more weeks with Elder Abrams. I am so grateful because 1.) We haven´t seen the fruits of our labors yet because we´re close to some baptisms, 2.)This area is GORGEOUS, 3.) I don´t know Spanish or this area long enough to be effective for the Lord, and 4.) Elder Abrams and I were just starting to click. We really are starting to fix out all the small kinks we have had and be a lot more effective. On Tuesday, Elder Abrams and I walked through this back trail of Doñihue to get to another sector that was absolutely gorgeous! We were walking along a country road by all of these vineyards where they grow fruit and vegetables in the summer. It was all dry but beautiful. I am starting to appreciate the natural beauty of God´s creations a lot more because of this area.
The food of Chile is awesome. Any person that said it´s bland was lying! We eat a lot of chicken with rice, potatoes, and salad. But everything is eaten with the fresh bread they have here. The neighborhoods have little negocios (businesses) on every corner because that is how a lot of people live. It´s a tiny market right out of their house where you buy a lot of products and FRESH BREAD every day. Dad would love it here. We always walk by this bakery where the pastries are dirt cheap (like 100 pesos which is like 20 cents). They have something called a Berlin that´s a bread ball with carmel inside or cream inside. I LOVE them. We are eating well in the house as well. Elder Abrams is an awesome cook and I´m happy. Haha!
I am adapting to the Chileno Spanish hear which helps me understand a lot more. Like how the randomly end “-po” at the end of some of the words or how they won´t say the “s” at the end of the some of the words. It is still tough but better. I love the members here. We are trying to be the best obedient missionaries to be the most trustworthy for the members as well.
This week made me understand how important “prayer” is because without the exercising of our faith to know if things are true through prayer, we are not going to get a testimony for ourselves of the Gospel. There were two men that we recently started teaching who would deliberately NOT pray to know if this message was true. They could ask every question in the world for us to convince them but unless they prayed, they would not know. Focus on the principles and PRAY for yourself to know if they are true!!!!!!! It is SO simple but pride impedes everyone. We taught Christian for the last time on Saturday because he still hadn´t prayed about baptism cuz he knew the Lord would say yes. So, during the lesson, I proposed that the 3 of us (Elder Abrams, Christian and I) knelt down and he prayed about it. We did it and as he prayed, I felt the Spirit testify of his baptism stronger than anything in my life. When we got up and asked him to be baptized, he denied...for now. It was one of the saddest experiences of my life but he didn´t listen to the Spirit and there is nothing else we can do.
On the bright side, we put a baptism date on a father of a family (Juan) who wants to baptize his SON!!!!! Also Lorena, who is stopping smoking. Things are looking up. Pray for us. I need some uplifting words from Austin. Take Care!

-Elder Boaz

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Doing good!

¡Hola de la Obra del Señor en Doñihue, Chile!

Before I say anything else, I wann say HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTIN and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! I´m so glad I am from a free country and receive blessings in my life from being raised in a great atmosphere! I wish I could´ve been home for Independence Day but I think being in Chile right now is a little better. Haha!
So I have some good news and some unfortunate news to share from this week. Let´s Stara with the unfortunate news so we can end on a good note. Well, you probably already know that Michael Jackson died. I almost cried when I heard that cuz now there won´t be any more music from him. L Everyone here is actino like it´s a huge tragedy. I feel bad but know that he´s DEFINITELY gonna get a good chance in the afterlife because of his earth life actions. Also, we had two earthquakes this past week that were pretty sweet, Don´t worry, we´re ok. Lol.
So now for some normal unfortunate news, Christian ( the non-member father that´s gone to church for 10 years) didn´t end up getting baptized. What happened was that when we had set the baptismal date for him and asked him to pray about the date, he said yes. But when we checked in with him 3 days later, he said he wasn´t ready and still wanted to think about it. The truth was that he didn´t pray because he know that if he prayed he KNEW that the Lord World answer his prayer and he didn´t have the courage to pray. We met with him Wednesday night and had a powerful lesson with him about his family and about prayer. We left him with the commitment to pray again and he said would sincerely do it this time because he said this past month is the first time in his life that he´s seriously thought about baptism. I hope he accepts it cuz if not, we are going to have to stop teaching him. It´s sad but Elder Abrams and I understand how important our time is and that we need to focus on the elite. This scenario is another testament of how powerful prayer is and the real intent we have to have behind every prayer. The Lord WILL answer our prayers when we have the faith.(Moroni 10:7, 20-23)
On the bright side, I have had some amazing experiences with prayer lately and strengthened myself here. I had struggled a bit this past week because the language is still a big struggle to understand and on top of it, I don´t know too many scriptures to be able to be as effective of a missionary as I´d like to be. I got discouraged and Elder Abrams and I had a long talk during our companionship inventory about it. He is an amazing guy and I couldn´t be more blessed to have an anchor like him to train me. He showed me a scripture in Mosiah 4:27 which says, “And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore, all things must be done in order.” When I read that, I about cried. I know that the Lord has work for me and all of us to accompish and when we are diligent and make goals that aren´t out of our means, we will grow immensely. We knelt down and prayed and I feel so much more confident in the Lord. My FAITH has strengthened and I will do all I can but take it one step at a time.
I wish I could talk a ton more but our time is up. We set a baptism date with a Lady named Lorena (37 years old with 2 teenage daughters). She´s been taught for 2 months now and is really smart. She understands apostasy, restoration, and the priesthood. She FINALLY CAME to church yesterday and we were so happy. We need to help her leave smoking and we just watched Special Witnesses of Christ with her last week. She got to meet some of the ladies in the ward and feels welcomed now. Oh the joy of the Gospel!!!!! Pray for her. We are also close to setting baptism dates with a guy named Juan and his family. Juan wants to get baptized first so he can baptize his two kids. I´m so happy!
Well, I got the mail mom! It takes 9 days for it to get here and I´m grateful for the Plan of Salvation papers. They are going to help! J Everyone one of NEEDS to study Preach My Gospel. It helps us learn the basics of the Gospel that we are suppose to know and brings us to become better in sharing the Gospel with others. Love you all!

1. Elder Cannon and Elder Duarte (Zone Leaders)
2. Service. I was cutting bushes with SCISSORS
3. Service at the Relief Society President´s house.
4. Pernil (The HUGE leg of a pig!)
5. Us studying
6. Our house just for us 2
7. Us in the sunset in Cerro Chólera

-Elder Boaz

Thursday, July 2, 2009

June 29th, 2009

Hola a Todos!

This email will be very, very short cuz I had to do a survey for my mission president and write to him. To answer all of your questions, mom:
Are you keeping warm enough? Yes I am. We have plenty of blankets in the house where we live.
Did you buy a sleeping bag or blankets? No, I didn´t buy one cuz I don´t need one.
Did you use your ATM card? No. I only use the credit card that they gave me for the mission but I might use my own card soon to buy a couple extra things.
Are your gloves warm enough? Yes. I bought an extra pair of knit gloves to wear under because my other ones are holy. Don´t worry, they were REALLY cheap. Lol!
Are you keeping dry enough? It´s only rained really bad about 3 days so far here. One of them was yesterday. I´m doing fine with that though. Staying dry.
The week has been great but trying at the same time. We might have to "kill" (stop teaching) a couple of really good investigators, but at the same time we will have a baptism next weekend with Christian (the guy that has gone to church for 10 years with a wife and son). I´m so excited that we finally pushed him to it. It´s been great. Elder Abrams and I are working really hard. We received a new document for the area of Chile that´s called "Permaneced". It´s amazing and inspired. We are suppose to incorporate it in our lessons now to help people realize the gift of the Holy Ghost. And that after they become members, they have to maintain this gift and remain in the church. I love it!
One last thing. A man in our branch wants to know "How much does it cost for one hour of light (electricity) in California?" He needs to know for his work. I think it´s measured in per kilowatt.
"I am a 19 year old kid preaching the Gospel in another country while paying for it for myself because I KNOW THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS IS TRUE!"
That was my response to the question of an investigator we taught this week. This work is amazing. You all have to do it! Love ya. I promise pictures will come next week. Cíao!

Elder Boaz

June 22, 2009

Hello to all Loved ones and friends! What´s up?!?!?!

I´m so sorry cuz this is going to be a really short email this week. It took forever to load all of the pictures to send to you. But it´s ok. I´m growing so much out here. So we had the opportunity to listen to go to Santiago on Tuesday for a two-mission conference with Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. It was an unforgettable experience. The main thing to remember was that "We must do the best that we can, and leave the Rest to the Lord." He spoke on Principles and how a principle links the doctrines and covenants of the Gospel with the rules that we follow. It was so impactful and I felt the Spirit. I wish I could explain more about it but can´t.
HAPPY FATHER`s DAY, DAD! I love so much and am grateful for your influence in my life. I can´t wait for the day when I can give you a hug again when I return. You´ve given me such a firm foundation of the Gospel in my life and I love thinking about all the things you´re achieving in your life and what an example that is. I hope that your father´s day was worth it for you cuz you deserve it. Tell Aaron that I wish him a happy birthday as well. I´m so glad that the girls are having great experiences at their camps this summer. Did Rebekah get noticed well at the Band Camp at BYU. Let me know! And I hope they have tons of fun at EFY this year. It was such a fun spiritual time for me as well. Haha!! Good times, memories. I miss all my boys that are on their missions as well. It´s so good to know that we´re serving the Lord.
So on Friday, I probably had one of the most physically worst days on my mission thus far. It rained heavy for about 24 hours and we had to knock doors for 5 HOURS straight in the rain. The worst part about it was that we didn´t get into one single door! Everybody was either “busy” or “in bed” (in the middle of the day). Ugh! But Elder Abrams and I made it a fun time. We were joking and laughing the whole time. I had my rubber shoe coverings on (they´re brilliant!), my rain coat, a sweater, my gloves, ear muffs, and my umbrella. It was horrid! But it made me grateful for what I was doing out here. I´m working hard to serve my Savior Jesus Christ who suffered everything for me. We were doing our part and the Lord´s work will come to pass in His time. We pray before everything here and for everything we do here. I have become so much more grateful for the gift of prayer that we have received. I feel so much more personal with my Heavenly Father. Pray more often is my advice to all of you. It will bring you more blessings when you show your gratitude for the things you´ve received already. You´ll also be able to do more when you rely on the Lord in prayer for support.
I spoke in Sacrament meeting yesterday with my companion. We were assigned to speak on missionary work and I was nervous out of my mind!!!!! But as I got up to speak, the words just came and I felt like I was speaking by the power of God. It was a blessed experience. We really need to push the members to get more references with us to work with cuz that is what give us more chances to teach. Last night when we were knocking doors in the FREEZING cold, we found a family of 5 with some of their friends to teach. It was and intimidating experience cuz they were all in their teens or older. But we taught the Restoration with power and clarity and were able to answer their questions. They were very intrigued and we are coming back. I KNOW that we are blessed because of our efforts. Elder Abrams and I are working so hard to get at least one baptism by next Saturday. Please pray for this man named Christian Granifo who is a husband and father of a 5-year-old son whom are members. He knows he needs to get baptized and we are showing our love for him, which is helping. I love this work more and more everyday! It is so addicting. Haha!
One last funny thing to share. So you, as my family, remember how I lost the new metal watch in the airport on the way here. SO i bought a new watch for about $7 on the street here. About a week later, that watch broke also. Haha! I´m just having bad luck with watches. I´m going to look for ANOTHER one today. Haha! Oh well. Take care everyone. The Church of Jesus Christ is restored in it´s fullness today and we are preaching it. I love you all. God Bless! Read Helaman 5 in the Book of Mormon. I read it this morning and it´s an awesome story of missionary work. ¡Hasta proxima Semana!

Elder Boaz