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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sweet is the Work!

¿Qué tal?

Esta semana pasada ha sido buena. We have found quite a few new investigators and hopefully everything progresses well. Elder Abrams and I fasted for a day this past week for Grandpa and Jeremy´s daughter. I hope everything goes well. PLEASE keep me posted. This is past week has also had some ups and downs. To start out, Lorena who was going to have a baptismo date, has had a lot of recent trials and won´t be getting baptized quite yet. She hasn´t been working for 3 months because her hand has problems and she´s been doing therapy. And now her boss told her that she has to work this week and she also worried about other things in her house. We know we couldn´t offer to give her a blessing but let her know about it and suggested it to her thoroughly but she didn´t take it. It is tough to see how much people fear man over God when they say that they have faith in god. I have been using Ether 12:6 a lot lately because we won´t get a testimony of things until AFTER the trial of our faith. Faith DOES NOT come just by believing, you HAVE TO exercise your faith through acts. I´m always reminded of the EFY song that says “Live Like You Believe”. It´s so true and I want to show everyone how they would feel if they had my testimony because then ALL of the people here would get baptized. Haha!
A couple new people that we are working with are a 42 year old lady with her father who is older than Noah….haha, jk. But they are EXTREMELY poor and live in this shack house down a dirt trail, but they have more faith than anyone I have met in my life. Her name is Edulia and the father is Enrique. We had a lesson this week where they did all of the commitments and said they would get baptized and come to church. The greatest thing is that they said they would Orly come to church for god because they don´t care what other people think. Such humility! I almost cried. To you all, don´t care what other people think. And DON¨T judge. Just do what God asks of us. One last thing I advise to you all is that you should make yourselves as available as possible to help the missionaries. Having a member tesify is going to help people feel welcome to the church and increase the missionary work SO MUCH. I wish our members Could make a little more sacrifice for us. It´s tough. A couple great scriptures that you should all STUDY (not just read) are D&C 1:16 and Ether 12:6. These will give you a bigger perspective of our efforts here on Earth and what we should Strive for. Love you all! Take Care!

Con Amor y un abrazo fuerte,
Elder Boaz

P.S. The hair gel i need is "got2b Glued". It´s a small yellow squirt container. I love hearing about everyone at home and your progress. You should be getting personal letters from me in a week or 2. ¡Cíao!

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