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Thursday, July 2, 2009

June 22, 2009

Hello to all Loved ones and friends! What´s up?!?!?!

I´m so sorry cuz this is going to be a really short email this week. It took forever to load all of the pictures to send to you. But it´s ok. I´m growing so much out here. So we had the opportunity to listen to go to Santiago on Tuesday for a two-mission conference with Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. It was an unforgettable experience. The main thing to remember was that "We must do the best that we can, and leave the Rest to the Lord." He spoke on Principles and how a principle links the doctrines and covenants of the Gospel with the rules that we follow. It was so impactful and I felt the Spirit. I wish I could explain more about it but can´t.
HAPPY FATHER`s DAY, DAD! I love so much and am grateful for your influence in my life. I can´t wait for the day when I can give you a hug again when I return. You´ve given me such a firm foundation of the Gospel in my life and I love thinking about all the things you´re achieving in your life and what an example that is. I hope that your father´s day was worth it for you cuz you deserve it. Tell Aaron that I wish him a happy birthday as well. I´m so glad that the girls are having great experiences at their camps this summer. Did Rebekah get noticed well at the Band Camp at BYU. Let me know! And I hope they have tons of fun at EFY this year. It was such a fun spiritual time for me as well. Haha!! Good times, memories. I miss all my boys that are on their missions as well. It´s so good to know that we´re serving the Lord.
So on Friday, I probably had one of the most physically worst days on my mission thus far. It rained heavy for about 24 hours and we had to knock doors for 5 HOURS straight in the rain. The worst part about it was that we didn´t get into one single door! Everybody was either “busy” or “in bed” (in the middle of the day). Ugh! But Elder Abrams and I made it a fun time. We were joking and laughing the whole time. I had my rubber shoe coverings on (they´re brilliant!), my rain coat, a sweater, my gloves, ear muffs, and my umbrella. It was horrid! But it made me grateful for what I was doing out here. I´m working hard to serve my Savior Jesus Christ who suffered everything for me. We were doing our part and the Lord´s work will come to pass in His time. We pray before everything here and for everything we do here. I have become so much more grateful for the gift of prayer that we have received. I feel so much more personal with my Heavenly Father. Pray more often is my advice to all of you. It will bring you more blessings when you show your gratitude for the things you´ve received already. You´ll also be able to do more when you rely on the Lord in prayer for support.
I spoke in Sacrament meeting yesterday with my companion. We were assigned to speak on missionary work and I was nervous out of my mind!!!!! But as I got up to speak, the words just came and I felt like I was speaking by the power of God. It was a blessed experience. We really need to push the members to get more references with us to work with cuz that is what give us more chances to teach. Last night when we were knocking doors in the FREEZING cold, we found a family of 5 with some of their friends to teach. It was and intimidating experience cuz they were all in their teens or older. But we taught the Restoration with power and clarity and were able to answer their questions. They were very intrigued and we are coming back. I KNOW that we are blessed because of our efforts. Elder Abrams and I are working so hard to get at least one baptism by next Saturday. Please pray for this man named Christian Granifo who is a husband and father of a 5-year-old son whom are members. He knows he needs to get baptized and we are showing our love for him, which is helping. I love this work more and more everyday! It is so addicting. Haha!
One last funny thing to share. So you, as my family, remember how I lost the new metal watch in the airport on the way here. SO i bought a new watch for about $7 on the street here. About a week later, that watch broke also. Haha! I´m just having bad luck with watches. I´m going to look for ANOTHER one today. Haha! Oh well. Take care everyone. The Church of Jesus Christ is restored in it´s fullness today and we are preaching it. I love you all. God Bless! Read Helaman 5 in the Book of Mormon. I read it this morning and it´s an awesome story of missionary work. ¡Hasta proxima Semana!

Elder Boaz

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