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Monday, June 15, 2009

Week two in Chile has flown by!

Hola unos amados,

Wow, time flies when you really get yourself involved in the work. It´s already been two weeks and SO much has happened, but I only get one hour of email on p-days and i have to write to our mission president and read an bunch of emails. ¡Demasiado estres! Pero, esta bien. Me gusta la obra misional muchisimo y estoy muy ocupado con enseñar muchas personas del Evangelio de Jesucristo Restaurado en el Mundo. I´m trying to write a little bit in Spanish cuz I am struggling a bit in the language still. I wanna understand the people that we meet but It´s so difficult when they speak so fast! I get an hour of extra lanuguage stury everyday for my first two changes (6 weeks each change) as a greeny. I love my companion because he is so strong, supportive, knows Spanish well and expects a lot. We are hoping for two baptisms this month because that is the goal that our mission president gave us but it is coming down to the wire! We have sergio (72 years old) that I talked a little bit about last week. He has been coming to church for the past 3 years and his grand-daughter, who he looks after, just got baptized last month. He kept making up ridiculous excuses until last week when we shared a powerful lesson and he finally told us what was keeping him from getting baptized. I can´t say what but it deeply humbled me and I have such a bigger desire to help the people here. There are so many people here with many problems and I KNOW the Gosple is here to bless them but they are blinded by the social aspect of religion. Almost everyone here is Evangelist or Catholic and think that being religious means having a bunch of pictures of Christ hanging in your house. My companion and I are going to work a ton harder to listen for the REAL doubts of people to help them faster. We are also going to try to incorporate the members of the branch more often even though a lot of them live so far apart. I love the Gospel and the sacrifice and message of our Savior Jesus Christ. This work is true and the Gospel of Christ is restored! I love you all! Hasta proxima semana!

Elder Boaz

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  1. I love reading about the missionary work done by this great missionary, Josh. Thanks for posting these letters for us to read and be a part of his experiences.