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Monday, January 25, 2010

I Know that My Redeemer Lives

Saludes de Chile!!!!

I hope that all is well with you all in the home from the past week. I love being a missionary and have had a better week this past week. I am more at peace in my efforts and my work. Elder Roundy and I had to speak in church with our mission leader, Lehi, who is leaving for his mission to Colombia Barranquilla in 3 weeks! It was fine that we had to speak in church because I love learning about something deeper while I have to prepare to speak on it. We were asked to speak on the missionary work but I a decided to talk about the Light of Christ. Every one of us has the Light of Christ in us since birth as children of God. This light allows us to discern between the bad and good. The problem is that we won’t be able to use it unless it is “ignited” in some way. I spoke a little bit about D&C 93 that talks about us needing to keep the commandments to receive the truth and light of Christ in our life. This light is the instrument that the Holy Ghost uses in us to manifest and show what is right and wrong in this world. I thought, “How can we help others feel or see this light in themselves so that the Holy Ghost can manifest the truth of the Gospel to them?” ...I Searched and found John 1:4-9. It says, “4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.
6 There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.
7 The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe.
8 He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light.
9 That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.”
I TRULY felt inspiration enter my mind as I was writing about how all of this tied into each other. We have to live like this light is alive in us so it ignites the light of others when they come in contact with us. The way to do this is to keep the commandments and share this light. It is so simple yet complex because not many people think about it. I felt that light as we progressed with our investigators this week.
Rosa, Matias, Jacob, and their family are moving back to their parents house to be able to take care of them in their bad health. It was tough to say bye because Rosa was crying as she told us. She didn’t have the most interest but her kids were a little more interested. It was just tough to lose contact with such good people. I am ok with it though.
Our other progressing family of Elizabeth with her two sons, Andrés and Felipe, and her parents, Rodolfo and Elizabeth, have a BAPTISMAL DATE! They are preparing to be baptized on February 14th. We hope they are ready by then. Rodolfo loves the Book of Mormon and says that it is so much more personal. Elizabeth, Rodolfo, and Elizabeth (the mother/wife of Rodolfo) came to church yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was so happy to be able to speak in church while they came. I feel like Elder Roundy is progressing well. At times, I am a bit impatient but I am working on that a lot and to be more supportive in his learning process. Some more great news is that Erick that got baptized in December was finally confirmed in church yesterday and I was chosen by bishop to confirm him. He finally came by himself and bishop felt he was ready to receive the Holy Ghost. Now he will be getting a calling with the young men in the ward, I am overjoyed for him. Holy crap, what a relief!!!!! Claudina, the grandma that was baptized in December as well, has recently had surgery on an infection in her heal and hasn’t been able to come to church. We take the sacrament to her and her testimony is as strong as ever.
Life in the mission is difficult but worth it. I just had my interview with President Resek that we have every change and I feel comforted and great afterwards now. He really knows how to give us good counsel. We have a zone conference tomorrow on Christ-like attributes and the visit of Christ to the Americas in the Book of Mormon. I am excited to see what else President has in store for us!!!! It is so fun to know new things about Christ and the Gospel.
One last note: Since has made a new relation with Gmail in making a better mail for the missionaries, our email system is changing to Gmail. Therefore, my new email is: It isn’t too different from my old one, but make sure everyone knows the change in my email so they can send me things if they want. Love you MOM and DAD and SIBLINGS SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! Christ is my Savior and I represent him right now. :)

Con todo mi amor a ustedes,
Elder Josh Boaz

Friday, January 15, 2010

I Love being a Dad to the new Elder!

What’s Happenin Fam?!?!?!

How are you all doing? I haven’t heard from you all this past week but I hope you are all in good shape. My prayers are with dad and the musical, Rachel and Rebekah in school, soccer, and band, mom in the home and her other super-tasks, Austin in school, Grandpa in his health, and everyone else. In return, I ask for your prayers because this week has been a tiring one. We have worked hard but started off a bit slow in the week. By Thursday, we started having a lot of lessons and put in practice the commitment our Zone Leaders had given us on Wednesday at Zone Meeting. They committed us to invite everyone to be baptized or pray about being baptized in all of our lessons if they hadn’t accepted the invitation yet. Honestly, I thought it was a little intense to begin with, but when they started to explain their reasoning a lot more I totally understood. My calling is to invite, teach, testify, and baptize to the people I encounter on my mission. More than anything is to baptize them because that is what will give them Eternal Life. The ZL’s showed us the last two verses of Matthew 28 and then showed us some verses in the Book of Mormon as well to help us understand what we are suppose to do with the people. Our Zone hasn’t baptized very many people recently so I feel like this bold lesson that we received from them was necessary.
I love working with Elder Roundy because he is so supportive of me and is ready to work his hardest. We are getting closer as a companionship every day and are both committed to being better. (Side note: I love the word “committed” because it makes me feel truer to myself and the things that I do in my life. I put the thought in my mind that I will not quit what I am doing until it is completed. Commitment is what bases everything that gets accomplished in this life.) Roundy is learning Spanish very well but I’ve gotta learn to shut my mouth a little more in lessons and let him talk a bit more because I talk a blue streak. He LOVES collecting and writing down quotes which reminds me a lot of Dad. Some of the quotes he has are awesome. We have the most random conversations in the street and it really helps us to relax with all that we have to do.
As for investigators, Susana and Patricio have had a very serious situation happen between them because Patricio gets drunk once in a while which makes him angry and depressed. That separated them for sometime. Susana was with their children at their house and it looked like their relationship was going to be finished so we invited Susana to pray about baptism. She accepted…hooray!...right? NO. At church yesterday, Patricio came to church instead of Susana because he apparently wants to change. He told us that Susana let him back in the house. I don’t know what we’ll do but I know the spirit will guide us to the best solution. There are also 2 other new families that are praying about baptism as of right now. The mom of one family used to house the missionaries in the house where her mom lived. That is how she first met them. We have been teaching her (Rosa) and her 3 kids (Matias (18), Jacob (13), and Pedro (6)). The husband Esteban is one of the nicest guys I’ve met but he doesn’t want to hear us. We’ll be persistent with him though. I am pretty stressed lately with having to be responsible for everything in the companionship as a trainer but I guess it is just part of the job. Elder Roundy helps lighten the mood and is really a stress reliever. I think this could be one of my funnest and best companionships. I am SO EXCITED!!! This church is true and I love you. The Book of Mormon is true and our Heavenly Father loves us. There is my uncoordinated testimony for you all in this letter. Take care until next week!!! :) Con muchísimo amor, Elder Josh Boaz

P.S. Mom, could you send me Cody Jordan’s contact info if it’s posible. Also Corey Wilkin’s mission info. Love you tons and I will get a little letter out to you and dad soon. Bye Bye!!! Oh! Btw, pic 21 is Elder Roundy and me. :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Hola Familia y amigos,
Wow, what a tiring week that has passed us!!! I have had to kill Elder York (end his misión…MOM. Haha!) and give birth to Elder Roundy as my son in the mission. Yes, I have a son. I was in a trio on Monday with two other future trainers and went down with them to Rancagua on Tuesday to look for our sons. It gave me so many flashbacks going back to the house of president Resek where I started and now returned to be training.
Elder Blake Roundy is TIGHT!!! He is from Las Vegas, Nevada (just like Elder York) and he graduated in 2008. He played volleyball and ran cross country. He is a REALLY nice guy with a down-to-earth personality so we are chill. We get along great and have similar mindsets so I think we will have a great relationship. He is upbeat and we love joking around already. His spanish is already progressing very well and is willing to do what is asked of him in working hard. I feel like I have been so blessed with the companions that I have had on my mission thus far. I have not had to really deal with someone (yet) who has a major problem on the mission.
The thing about Elder Roundy that tops everything off with being my companion is that…HE KNOWS CODY LEHR!!! They went to high school together and played volleyball together. I asked him if he knew Cody Lehr because he is from Vegas as well and he said yes. The thing that they know each other from the most is that they both dated the same girl before they left for their missions. For a little drama, as of right now, “Kristen” was dating Elder Roundy last because he left for his mission later. Haha, anyways I got a big laugh out of that coincidence. We´re working hard right now and finding new people to teach. We should have some baptism dates next week if we put all of our trust in the Lord. I love this work and am constantly learning new things about the gospel that are making me be more grateful for my Savior Jesús Christ everyday. He is my hope and my support and I will serve Him through others until the end.
A couple side notes:

I just realized that we ate and are still eating SO MUCH Fruit Cake in the people´s houses here for the Holdays. They all buy fruit cake and I have sorta grown accustomed to it on my mission. Haha! Also, we have an apricot tree, avocado tree, and apple tree in the courtyard of our house. I am VERY excited for the summer that is coming. Take care to you all until next week!!!!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Joshy Boaz

P.S. I will send more pics next week!!!

Happy New Year! 12-28-09


I can express to you how happy I was to talk to you all on Christmas Day. Talking to everyone in the family and hearing your voices gave me such a warm feeling!!! I had such a good time hearing from mom, dad's personality, Rachel, Rebekah, Austin, Marisa, Aaron, and Joy. It was such a nice time....BUT totally made me feel "trunky" for home. Haha! I 'll admit, it was pretty tough to hang up but I am back into the mission work and will just be waiting for our call on Mother's Day. Also, just so you know, my eye is almost healed. It came really fast and ugly, but left equally fast with this ointment that I had bought. $30 bucks is CRAZY to buy a tiny tube of ointment, but I guess it was worth it and I will be getting a reimbursement from the mission for it so that’s good.
I hope everything else is going well in your trip in Utah with the family. I am missing the snow and snowboarding so much after talking to Aaron. He told me that Austin and him were talking about me while they were snowboarding the other day. I was like, “OH MY GOSH! Don’t tell me that! Haha!” Just kidding, I’m all good though. The rest of this past week was a bit tough to work for us. Elder York and I tried to work hard on Saturday for his last day of work and everything went well with various appointments that we had. We even found a new investigator just before going into the house Saturday night. We went out with Lehi, our mission leader, for some appointments in the afternoon to get him a little more prepared for when he goes out to his mission. I think I have already to you guys but Lehi got his mission call a couple weeks ago and will be going to the Colombia Barranquilla Mission. He leaves for the MTC in Colombia on February 17th. The whole ward is so proud and happy for him.
Elder York ended his mission on a good note. We ended on a great note together and had really grown close together. I killed him so good! Haha, just kidding. We wrote in each other’s journals on Saturday night while he was packing staying up late. He left me some great ties and some mission clothes as well. Elder York is so generous like that. His parents flew in Sunday early in the morning (yesterday) and they came to church. We were their translators and my mind was killing me trying to think in Spanish and English at the same time. At times I felt like I wasn’t understanding the Spanish but I was still. Don’t ask me how I did it, I just did (can you say “The Holy Ghost!!!” haha!). We had a great lunch with the Godoy Family that made empanadas, chicken, and rice for us. It was amazing and we had a spiritual time with them and the parents of Elder York. Afterwards, Elder York and his parents took me over to another sector to trade places with another elder for the day because he is finishing the mission as well and went down to Rancagua in the car with Elder York.
The last announcement that I want to make to all of you is that......I AM GOING TO HAVE A BABY SON!!! Haha, I found out Saturday night that I am going to be training a new missionary coming into the mission. CRAZY! I am way too nervous and unprepared but I know the Lord will help me to “raise” him in a good manner just like Elder Abrams did for me. The mission is receiving a HUGE group of new missionaries this change and next change.....and they are all from the U.S. (I think). I sorta wanted to train a Latin missionary but I am excited. I will just need to help him learn Spanish fast so we can focus on teaching with more power. It’s funny because my “grandpa” (Elder McAllister, the trainer of my trainer, Elder Abrams) started his mission in this same sector where I am going to be training. Coincidence, eh? Haha! Changes are crazy today, I am going to be in a trio today and then I head down to Rancagua tomorrow to get my son from the mission home. I’ll let you know who and how he is next week but not even I know these details still. I’m dying in my anxiety. Haha! :-P I know this church is true and that Christ lives. If we put our will and weakness in His hands, He will transform us to who we must be. I know I have already shared this scripture, but Ether 12:4 and 27 are so good to explain this principle to us. I love the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care to all and I will be letting you know how my “birth” is next week.

Elder Boaz