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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year! 12-28-09


I can express to you how happy I was to talk to you all on Christmas Day. Talking to everyone in the family and hearing your voices gave me such a warm feeling!!! I had such a good time hearing from mom, dad's personality, Rachel, Rebekah, Austin, Marisa, Aaron, and Joy. It was such a nice time....BUT totally made me feel "trunky" for home. Haha! I 'll admit, it was pretty tough to hang up but I am back into the mission work and will just be waiting for our call on Mother's Day. Also, just so you know, my eye is almost healed. It came really fast and ugly, but left equally fast with this ointment that I had bought. $30 bucks is CRAZY to buy a tiny tube of ointment, but I guess it was worth it and I will be getting a reimbursement from the mission for it so that’s good.
I hope everything else is going well in your trip in Utah with the family. I am missing the snow and snowboarding so much after talking to Aaron. He told me that Austin and him were talking about me while they were snowboarding the other day. I was like, “OH MY GOSH! Don’t tell me that! Haha!” Just kidding, I’m all good though. The rest of this past week was a bit tough to work for us. Elder York and I tried to work hard on Saturday for his last day of work and everything went well with various appointments that we had. We even found a new investigator just before going into the house Saturday night. We went out with Lehi, our mission leader, for some appointments in the afternoon to get him a little more prepared for when he goes out to his mission. I think I have already to you guys but Lehi got his mission call a couple weeks ago and will be going to the Colombia Barranquilla Mission. He leaves for the MTC in Colombia on February 17th. The whole ward is so proud and happy for him.
Elder York ended his mission on a good note. We ended on a great note together and had really grown close together. I killed him so good! Haha, just kidding. We wrote in each other’s journals on Saturday night while he was packing staying up late. He left me some great ties and some mission clothes as well. Elder York is so generous like that. His parents flew in Sunday early in the morning (yesterday) and they came to church. We were their translators and my mind was killing me trying to think in Spanish and English at the same time. At times I felt like I wasn’t understanding the Spanish but I was still. Don’t ask me how I did it, I just did (can you say “The Holy Ghost!!!” haha!). We had a great lunch with the Godoy Family that made empanadas, chicken, and rice for us. It was amazing and we had a spiritual time with them and the parents of Elder York. Afterwards, Elder York and his parents took me over to another sector to trade places with another elder for the day because he is finishing the mission as well and went down to Rancagua in the car with Elder York.
The last announcement that I want to make to all of you is that......I AM GOING TO HAVE A BABY SON!!! Haha, I found out Saturday night that I am going to be training a new missionary coming into the mission. CRAZY! I am way too nervous and unprepared but I know the Lord will help me to “raise” him in a good manner just like Elder Abrams did for me. The mission is receiving a HUGE group of new missionaries this change and next change.....and they are all from the U.S. (I think). I sorta wanted to train a Latin missionary but I am excited. I will just need to help him learn Spanish fast so we can focus on teaching with more power. It’s funny because my “grandpa” (Elder McAllister, the trainer of my trainer, Elder Abrams) started his mission in this same sector where I am going to be training. Coincidence, eh? Haha! Changes are crazy today, I am going to be in a trio today and then I head down to Rancagua tomorrow to get my son from the mission home. I’ll let you know who and how he is next week but not even I know these details still. I’m dying in my anxiety. Haha! :-P I know this church is true and that Christ lives. If we put our will and weakness in His hands, He will transform us to who we must be. I know I have already shared this scripture, but Ether 12:4 and 27 are so good to explain this principle to us. I love the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care to all and I will be letting you know how my “birth” is next week.

Elder Boaz

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