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Monday, August 31, 2009

All is well in Donihue, Chile

¡Hola Mis Compadres!
All is well in Doñihue, Chile. I am very content. The work here is really picking up here in Doñihue and I´m excited for the future. I can´t wait to talk to the family in Christmas. I can´t believe that I already have 5 months in my mission already! Time is starting to pass faster and faster!!! Ether 12:6 has really touched me again lately. To get to the point because I don´t have much time....we have 7 baptismal dates and I baptized someone for the first time yesterday. His name was Felipe Vasquez and he is 11 years old. His mom, Yasna, is trying to stop smoking but will be baptized soon. It was an incredibly spiritual moment and I can´t wait for more BAPTISMS!!!!! Mom, I need to know Corey Wilkin´s mailing address and email address. Dad, thanks for the suggestion on the talk in the Ensign about Opening Heaven´s Doors or something like that. Haha! I am starting to pray more privately and i feel that the Lord is helping me more personally. It´s incredible. We have found a lady who has been inavtive for 24 years but wants to come back now. She has a family now and we´re having a Family Home Evening this week. Her name is Margot Vernan. Pray for her. Love you all!!!!

-Elder Boaz

Monday, August 24, 2009

Elder Boaz is alive in Chile!!

¡Queridos mamá, papá, y todos!

First off I just wanna say that I´M ALIVE AND FINE! Haha! There is nothing to worry about. Two weeks ago, I wrote a personal setter to Austin, Dad, and an update to the mission president and just ran out of time to get a general letter aout to the family. Sorry about that. Last week, I wrote an update letter to the mission president and was reading alot of emails which took up most of my time. When I had finally written a general letter and was about to send it, the computer shut down on me. It was a very sad moment and so I have had to wait until today to write to you all. I apologize…Hahaha! And mom, there´s no need to worry or call the mission president if you don´t hear from me. Just know that I´m working hard and really slow with the Internet at times. Lol.
Anyways, these past two weeks have been extremely busy and different. Two weeks ago from this past Thursday, there was a special change in the middle of our normal 6 week change. Some missionaries ended up finishing the mission early for school, medical , or personal reasons. The result of it was that my “dad” (Elder Abrams) was transferred to the office to be the mission secretary and I got a new companion! His name is Elder Romero and he´s from Bolivia. I feel so blessed to have gone from Elder Abrams, who was incredible, to Elder Romero who is also hard working, incredible and has much experience (21 months) in the mission. Sadly, I won´t have the privilege of killing him (ending his mission with me) but we are working really well together. He doesn´t speak english, so my spanish is getting more practice and getting better! At times we´ll have tiny disagreements but for the most part, we are doing really well. We are going to have a baptismal service this weekend on the August 30th (Sunday). The past three and a half weeks (started with Elder Abrams but mostly with Romero), we have been teaching a mother named Yasna and her two sons named Felipe (11) and Sebastián (7). Yasna never really has liked any religión and when we CAME to her door, she felt something different. We are really excited for this baptism of Yasna and Felipe. They love when we come over to teach them and have a book of the Gospel Principles that a friend gave as a gift to them about five years ago. We had our Stake Conference yesterday and they offered to take us to the conference, so we went with them!!!! Haha! Incredible…she is very smart and Felipe can´t wait to turn twelve years old so he can receive the priesthood! Sebastián is always happy and will likely follow the Gospel as well. I have so much joy for them anda m excited to grow this Branco of Doñihue.
It´s a little stressful to lead an area now but I love knocking doors with Elder Romero. He is such a powerful teacher and we have so much fun when we are in the streets. We play this game where we say our names are funny words in English without laughing because the people at the doors don´t know what we´re saying. We´re finding new people to teach and living the lessons we have. I´m really starting to progress in my studies of the Gospel and I love it. A scripture I like recently is Moroni 9:6. Always be working. And 3 Nephi 3:25---Always be together to fortify one to another.
In other news, we have 3 other baptism dates of 3 daughters of some less actives. This could be a great story but we´ll see what happens. I got the birthday package from you all about 2 weeks ago and a package from Edna Jenkins today. I feel so happy! The new EFY music reminds me of Finding Neverland and August Rush. It´s great! Also, I got the Cal Coast Credit Union Card today. You can activate it now. The work of the Lord is here and it is TRUE. The Gospel i son the Earth and I´m working in it! Love you all!

Elder Boaz

P.S. You all need to update my blogspot pictures and letters! Haha, it´s WAY behind!
And don´t worry if I´m sending this email to so many people. President Resek said it was fine. Just as long as there are no specific emails outside the family.