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Monday, August 31, 2009

All is well in Donihue, Chile

¡Hola Mis Compadres!
All is well in Doñihue, Chile. I am very content. The work here is really picking up here in Doñihue and I´m excited for the future. I can´t wait to talk to the family in Christmas. I can´t believe that I already have 5 months in my mission already! Time is starting to pass faster and faster!!! Ether 12:6 has really touched me again lately. To get to the point because I don´t have much time....we have 7 baptismal dates and I baptized someone for the first time yesterday. His name was Felipe Vasquez and he is 11 years old. His mom, Yasna, is trying to stop smoking but will be baptized soon. It was an incredibly spiritual moment and I can´t wait for more BAPTISMS!!!!! Mom, I need to know Corey Wilkin´s mailing address and email address. Dad, thanks for the suggestion on the talk in the Ensign about Opening Heaven´s Doors or something like that. Haha! I am starting to pray more privately and i feel that the Lord is helping me more personally. It´s incredible. We have found a lady who has been inavtive for 24 years but wants to come back now. She has a family now and we´re having a Family Home Evening this week. Her name is Margot Vernan. Pray for her. Love you all!!!!

-Elder Boaz

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