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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Hola Familia y amigos,
Wow, what a tiring week that has passed us!!! I have had to kill Elder York (end his misión…MOM. Haha!) and give birth to Elder Roundy as my son in the mission. Yes, I have a son. I was in a trio on Monday with two other future trainers and went down with them to Rancagua on Tuesday to look for our sons. It gave me so many flashbacks going back to the house of president Resek where I started and now returned to be training.
Elder Blake Roundy is TIGHT!!! He is from Las Vegas, Nevada (just like Elder York) and he graduated in 2008. He played volleyball and ran cross country. He is a REALLY nice guy with a down-to-earth personality so we are chill. We get along great and have similar mindsets so I think we will have a great relationship. He is upbeat and we love joking around already. His spanish is already progressing very well and is willing to do what is asked of him in working hard. I feel like I have been so blessed with the companions that I have had on my mission thus far. I have not had to really deal with someone (yet) who has a major problem on the mission.
The thing about Elder Roundy that tops everything off with being my companion is that…HE KNOWS CODY LEHR!!! They went to high school together and played volleyball together. I asked him if he knew Cody Lehr because he is from Vegas as well and he said yes. The thing that they know each other from the most is that they both dated the same girl before they left for their missions. For a little drama, as of right now, “Kristen” was dating Elder Roundy last because he left for his mission later. Haha, anyways I got a big laugh out of that coincidence. We´re working hard right now and finding new people to teach. We should have some baptism dates next week if we put all of our trust in the Lord. I love this work and am constantly learning new things about the gospel that are making me be more grateful for my Savior Jesús Christ everyday. He is my hope and my support and I will serve Him through others until the end.
A couple side notes:

I just realized that we ate and are still eating SO MUCH Fruit Cake in the people´s houses here for the Holdays. They all buy fruit cake and I have sorta grown accustomed to it on my mission. Haha! Also, we have an apricot tree, avocado tree, and apple tree in the courtyard of our house. I am VERY excited for the summer that is coming. Take care to you all until next week!!!!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Joshy Boaz

P.S. I will send more pics next week!!!

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