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Thursday, July 2, 2009

June 29th, 2009

Hola a Todos!

This email will be very, very short cuz I had to do a survey for my mission president and write to him. To answer all of your questions, mom:
Are you keeping warm enough? Yes I am. We have plenty of blankets in the house where we live.
Did you buy a sleeping bag or blankets? No, I didn´t buy one cuz I don´t need one.
Did you use your ATM card? No. I only use the credit card that they gave me for the mission but I might use my own card soon to buy a couple extra things.
Are your gloves warm enough? Yes. I bought an extra pair of knit gloves to wear under because my other ones are holy. Don´t worry, they were REALLY cheap. Lol!
Are you keeping dry enough? It´s only rained really bad about 3 days so far here. One of them was yesterday. I´m doing fine with that though. Staying dry.
The week has been great but trying at the same time. We might have to "kill" (stop teaching) a couple of really good investigators, but at the same time we will have a baptism next weekend with Christian (the guy that has gone to church for 10 years with a wife and son). I´m so excited that we finally pushed him to it. It´s been great. Elder Abrams and I are working really hard. We received a new document for the area of Chile that´s called "Permaneced". It´s amazing and inspired. We are suppose to incorporate it in our lessons now to help people realize the gift of the Holy Ghost. And that after they become members, they have to maintain this gift and remain in the church. I love it!
One last thing. A man in our branch wants to know "How much does it cost for one hour of light (electricity) in California?" He needs to know for his work. I think it´s measured in per kilowatt.
"I am a 19 year old kid preaching the Gospel in another country while paying for it for myself because I KNOW THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS IS TRUE!"
That was my response to the question of an investigator we taught this week. This work is amazing. You all have to do it! Love ya. I promise pictures will come next week. Cíao!

Elder Boaz

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