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Elder Joshua Boaz,
Chile Rancagua Mission,
German Riesco 230 Suite 703,

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Elder Joshua Boaz,
Chile Rancagua Mission,
POB 30150,
Salt Lake City, Ut. 84130-0150 USA
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

2nd letter from Josh!

Mi familia,

You have no idea how good it feels to finally get some letters, even if they are in an email. I am having a great time out here. I am writing today because even though our P-day is on Tuesdays, we get a makeup P-day on Thursdays for 1 1/2 hours cuz we have service on the days we have p-days. I love it. cuz I get to check my mail twice a week! I have some bad news that happened yesterday while playing basketball. I was jumping up for the ball and came down on someone's foot. when i landed, i sprained my ankle. It is a little swollen but not too bad. I might be on crutches at least for a week. It's a bummer cuz this exactly what i did NOT want to happen but oh well. I'll be better by the time i leave for Chile.
Sorry if the beginning of my email sounds the same as Rebekah's and Rachel's. I only have 30 minutes to write emails everytime and I don't type very fast so I need to be efficient. Haha!
I had an english fast yesterday where I couldn't speak english the whole day!!!!! I could only speak in spanish, it was so hard but worth it. My companion and I work so well together. This work is amazing. The church is true and I want you and the family to look for good friends to bring to church cuz I regret not doing it before I left.
Thank you for sending me letters in the mail but I haven't received them yet. Hopefully i will soon. I need to learn to type faster! I taught my first discusiion on monday and it was amazing. I'll write you a letter and tell you more about it... Love you all, ttyl!

Elder Boaz

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