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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Josh's 1st letter from the MTC!

Hola familia y amigos!!!! April 7, 2009

The first week at the MTC could not have been a better first week than I could have expected. The first half day here was a little rough because I was exhausted but I felt like everything fell into place after that. I don't know where to start because there are so many things to talk about!!! Well I guess I could start with saying who the first person I saw was after I said goodbye to my family last week. I went through to doors to outside and there was Elder Alejandro Mitchell standing on the sidewalk! It was so funny. We talked for a bit and then I went on to meet my district in the evening.
My district is a little intersting but VERY fun. I am blessed and know that God directed me to be with this group of Elders and Sisters. We work really hard and have a very productive mindset as a group. My companion, Elder Johnson is from Las Vegas and he is a great guy (We're both going to Rancagua, Chile!). He's very patient with me being a little slow to get ready but what's great is that we can joke and laugh and also work hard at the same time, especially with teaching! We are picking up Spanish as a companionship a lot faster than I thought we would. My good memory is kicking in! Haha! The other elders in our district are awesome! Elder Hardy (Millvill, Utah), Elder Tolman (Idaho Falls, Idaho), and Elder Lavulavu (Hawaii) are one companionship going to Guatemala City; and Elder Mead (Morgan, Utah) and Elder Lemmon (Pocatello, Idaho) are the other other companionship (Mead is also going to Rancagua and Lemmon is going to Houston, Texas Spanish speaking). The sister missionaries are Sister Hugo (Sandy, Utah), Sister Green (Portland, Oregon), and Sister Ortiz (Poway, CA).
Anyways, we all enjoy each other's company for the most part (a couple of them can be a little annoying or weird at times, but nobody is perfect. Haha!). The first coupld of large meetings we had this past week for all the newbies were great. This great man named Brother Taylor spoke to us and just got us EXTREMELY fired up spiritually, plus he was hilarious. I am determined to devote all my time to Lord while being out here on my mission, especially after listening to General Conference this past weekend!!! Oh my gosh, what an uplifting and astounding experience! I wrote soooooo many things down that profited me from that conference. It was like a ton of spiritual candy being thrown at us!!! Same with the MTC, it's like an All-You-Can-Eat spiritual buffet. And you all know how much I like All-You-Can-Eat! Well time is getting to be up and I'm a slow typer, but I fel like there is so much more to say! Ahhhhh!!!!! I'll write letters to you all but I need some feedback please! I haven't gotten a letter all week and everone else in my district has!!! Come on fam! Lol.
Mom, send me a list of all the emails that I got omn my cell phone and all the addresses you can think of. Don't froget to put my address on my facebook and blog!!!

Love you all! God Bless!

Elder Boaz!!!!!

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