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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Week three done! 4-21-09

Hola Mi Familia y Amigos!

I don't know where to start. I was going to write to you alll about some things on last Thursday when we had our makeup p-day but I didn't send the email off in time and it closed down on me. I was SOOOOOO MAD! It was a pretty awesome email, I must say. I'll try to do my best to tell you what has all happened these past 7 days.
Last Tuesday night, Elder JEFFREY R. HOLLAND of the Twelve Apostles came to speak to us. It was the most amazing talk I have EVER experienced in my life. I took for pages of notes and might photocopy and send them to you. I was in the MTC Choir for the devotional and we sang "Redemmer of Israel". On the 3rd verse, just the men sang a four-part harmony in acapella and I got chills. It was an amazing experience to sing for an Apostle of the Lord! He was so passionate when he spoke to us. It was the most personal I've ever felt with a general authority. He spoke on the EXTREME importance of our missions and the can NEVER walk away from the Lord. We are his disciples for TWO years straight and we cannot let up for ANY of that time. I'm so motivated, you can't even believe it. He said, "You are out here to save the world!" He cried, he joked, he hit the pulpit. I could feel the earnest importance in everything he said.
Tell Austin I'm thankful for his letter in Spanish but I don't think I'll have the time to reply in Spanish yet, Only english. Haha! I'm so glad for Dad's letter to. But I'm dying out here! My whole district gets letters from people EVERY DAY......and i get them like every 5 or 6 days. Lol. My comp. gets a couple every day, but I guess I can't let that distract me. The food here is great but we've been warned not to drink the orange juice or eat the eggs cuz they give you horrible gas! Haha, maybe that was TMI....oh well. ;-P My ankle is getting a lot better. I bought an ankle brace and am being careful. But it's amazing how fast it's healing. I'm staying in shape, don't worry. Haha.
Tell Bob Stiles I said hi and give him my mission address! i am so happy for rachael and the opportunity that she has with byu and sdsu. i don't know what to say for advice right now but i will pray for her and give her my input soon. i think she is mature enough to figure it out through prayer and see what is best for her. thank you for the package that i will be getting soon but i also need you to send some ankle socks. i only have two pairs. i will watch my wait on my bags and won't get too many things. i am excited to say that me and my companion are progressing very well and one of our teachers hermana gain, has really noticed. i am humbled by the responsibility in progress she sees in us and that she knows we have a great potential. we had the opportunity to teach her as herself and not a fake investigator. it brought such a spirit because we were able to teach to her needs and be led by the spirit. last wednesday night, i woke up to a shooting pain in my shoulder blade and needed two of the missionaries in my district to give me a blessing. we went up to the front desk at a wonderful 2 a.m. in the morning while at the same time it was snowing 5 inches outside. we look back on it and crack up because we were running through the hall ways in our slippers and basketball shorts with big sweaters on. we got some food for me in the cafeteria AND NO ONE was in there. now we always say to each other, "i wonder what it looks like with no one in here. . .at 2 in the morning!" it's pretty funny. but i am better and everything is going well.
i feel like my gospel study and progression has accelerated 100x more. it's amazing how much you can digest in such little time. yet it has already been three weeks.
i would like you to send me photocopy pages of the stake directory or ward directory so i can write to people. that way at least i can at least hope to expect letters. tell rebecca to post my mission address on facebook and to urge people to write. it's a great joy to hear how people are doing. i will have more to talk about on my thursday email.

my testimony is so strong in the gospel and i want you all to know that. god's speed.
elder boaz

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