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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Week two finished!

Hello Family,

Everything sounds so exciting at home with the girls in track and Rachel in soccer and Easter Sunday. Speaking of Easter Sunday, we got a new Branch president which was a shocker cuz I only got to see the other one for a week and a half. President Ryskamp, the previous one, was so cool! But I think I'm going to like the new president as well. His name is President Roundy and he served in Argentina. He's a really sweet man and REALLY good with names already. He remembered almost everyone's name after meeting them for the first time. I Had a great Easter Sunday. During last week, everyone had to write a talk for sacrament meeting on Humility (humildad en espanol) and then in sacrament meeting, they would pick two random missionaries to come and speak in SPANISH! So i was nervous and on top of it, I didn't get my talk translated into Spanish all the way so I was scared out of my mind. Luckily, since our district was new, we didn't get called on (Phew!!!!). But I love our whole zone of missionaries (there are three districts as of now in our zone). They are so nice and supportive and they have a good sense of humor.
I Really feel my habits changing out here. I feel like I am becoming more responsible, planning out ALL of my days, being early to things, and being obedient! (Go figure, right dad?!) Haha! But I now realize how productive life can be when you plan close to everything out. It's so much easier to get things done to! What a concept! I sorta wish I remembered to do that before my mish, but oh well.
Every Monday, we go to the Teaching Resource Center (TRC) and teach the Gospel lessons to "investigator" volunteers. Last week went well, but we ran out of time. But......this week was AMAZING. Both weeks were about the first lesson (The Restoration), but this week Elder Johnson and I were able to teach the people, not just the lesson. We found out about THEM and THEIR NEEDS and then we taught them the lesson around what was most important to them....FAMILIES! I need to be more appreciative to all of my family. But even though these people were volunteers, I really felt we were able to connect with them and help them become closer to Christ! I am noticing the fruits of my labor and progress.
Every week, we are also able to go to the Referral Center whenever we have time. This is where we call people and check up on them to see if they have received a Book of Mormon, Bible, Church DVD's or a Missionary visit. It is so pleasing to talk with people that have an initial interest in the Gospel! I love testifying to them about it's truthfulness and helping them come closer to Christ. I have had a couple interesting experiences but I love answering questions and helping concerns. It is so fulfilling!!! I know I am a called and ordained servant of God! I feel the Holy Ghost guiding me at times. ;)
Sunday was amazing cuz we were able to go to the temple grounds and take pictures with tons of missionaries. it was so peaceful and amazing to see so many missionaries in suits on the church grounds. i have seen elder jarman quite a few times and have gotten a picture with him as well. after the temple, we went to a fireside. Richard I. Heaton spoke, he is the administrator director of the MTC. he spoke about charity and loving everyone as Christ did. i want yo all to read Mosiah 28:3. it talks about how we need to love everyone as if we would have sorrow and pain if they did not know about the gospel. i also learned that when you need to or increase your charity, we must pray for it and seek for it from god. i have a new love for Moroni 7:45-46, which talks about charity.
thank you for the box and please send my Adidas shower sandals.
love you all
Josh (Elder Boaz)

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