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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Directed by the Spirit!!!

Hola mi amada familia,
How have you all been doing from this past week? I feel overjoyed to be able
to write to you all and be able to update you on my past week of
experiences. It has definitely been a busy and uplifting week to say the
least. I wish the same for all of you to have uplifting weeks as well. How
can we NOT have uplifting weeks as the members of Christ́s restored church
in the world today? The week all started well on Monday when I received the
email from mom. I had just read the email from her that said how grandpa`s
health wasńt very good. I had just finished writing a letter to him in the
week before but didńt have his address so I was going to have to send the
letter home and hope that you could send it to him in fast time. I was a bit
nervous when I heard about his health but saw that mom had given me his home
address and knew, right then, that my prayer was answered. I know that
Heavenly Father knows how important our families are to us and He will help
us in any way if it is just and right (3 Nephi 18:20). The weather this past
week has really started to heat up. It is almost like the weather went
straight from Winter to Summer but we also have some random cloudy days come
into play. Every week, one member from the ward will wash our clothes for us
in this sector. For this week, I just happened to have all of my short
sleeved shirts being washed and only had my long sleeved shirts to wear
while we worked. Ugh!!!!! It was a little tough but it́s all good. Haha!
Just so that all know as well, our house is pretty sweet. There is just the
two of us there (Elder York and I) and we have a little courtyard in front
where our landlords maintain a garden. It́s sweet.
Just a couple of thoughts for my Christmas package is that I would love have
some music from George Dyer (at least “All Creatures of Our God and King”)
and Dad. And Íd love for you to send my brown dress shoes that I left at
home. They are comfortable and would help me save some money our here if my
shoes get really worn out. Just a thought.
The week was filled with lessons and new investigators. Just an update on a
couple people that wéve been working with: Laureano Zapata (the old guy who
thought he was a mason) was having problems with his family where he was
living so he has moved to a better place to live which happens to be outside
of our mission (that stunk a bit). But I hope that the missionaries can find
and baptize him in the Santiago East Mission because we sent his cell number
to their mission office. Eric Abarca (the golden boy of 19 years old)
finally came to church for the first time yesterday and is progressing
great. He really understands the importance of this commitment and wants to
go forward with what he`s felt. He was even participating with his own
thoughts during the classes at church. I really think he enjoyed it and will
get stronger towards his baptism on November 15th. We are also working with
a husband and father of 2 named Rodolfo who is very interested in the Book
of Mormon and the “Restoration”. He still isńt sure if it is completely
true because he wants more information but….he “feels good” when he studies
what we share with him. I am confident héll receive an answer soon. We have
found some other great people this week that feel good about what we`re
teaching them and I firmly believe that will receive a baptismal date soon.
We only had two investigators come to the church yesterday and one of them
was a huge surprise because it was a casual invite and the man is very
Evangelist but that was nice. I dońt like Sunday mornings on the mission
because I get nauseous while anticipating if any of our investigators will
come to church. I guess I just need to trust in the Lord a bit more.
I will leave you with a story from this past Saturday that emphasizes the
importance of being ready for moments guided by the Spirit. We went to the
house of a lady we contacted a couple of days before. When we got there, a
young guy came up to the gate to answer to us. We asked him if the lady was
there and he went to check but came back saying that she had left. We were
about to leave when I had the impression to ask him if he had talked to the
missionaries before. He asked, “The Mormons?” We said, “Yes, that́s what the
people call us.” He said, “Ya, when I was younger. I was actually baptized
with my grandma when I was 8!” We were surprised!!!! because he had his ears
pierced and a piercing in his eyebrow but he was an extremely friendly and
happy guy. We asked if we could share something with him and he let us in.
He told us hés 26 years old and that he was baptized at 8 years old with
his grandma in Peru (He`s from Peru). When he was 11, his grandma died and
he lost touch with the church because he had to move, but he told us that he
always felt a strong spirit and happiness when the missionaries came over to
teach them. He grew up, got married, and had two kids but one day his wife
left him with the two kids one day without telling him. This sent him into a
period of depression where he moved to Chile after some time to get away
from the house and thoughts of his kids. He has lived here for 5 months now.
He didńt remember the message of the Restoration so we shared it with him
and his girlfriend there. You could see the light come into his eyes when we
shared this amazing message and the strong Spirit that was felt as we shared
with both of them. He even threw in a random comment during the lesson about
how he always wanted to be a missionary like the ones that came to his house
when he was young. Tears came to my eyes as he gave the closing prayer. He
thanked God for leading him back and reminding him about the Restoration of
the Church of Jesus Christ; and also that he has more comfort in his life,
even without his children. He wants to return to the church and it all
started because I followed the impression from the Spirit to talk to him.
Doctrine and Covenants 61:3 says, “But verily I say unto you, that it is not
needful for this whole company of mine elders [or members] to be moving
swiftly upon the waters [of life], whilst the inhabitants on either side are
perishing in unbelief.”
We need to open our mouths and reach out to help all in need…even when they
look like they dońt want it or need it. My prayers are with the families of
Mr. Lorenzen, Peter Ring, Grandpa, and you all. I love you all and know that
this Gospel is true. “I am doing a great work so that I cannot come down.”
Take care until next week.
Con Amor,
Elder Josh Boaz

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