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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nov. 9th email - He is doing well

Hola a todos! J
Another week has passed by extremely fast and I feel great. There have been quite a few things that have changed as of this past week with our work that we have had. We had 5 baptismal dates this past week. Yesterday, we had one investigator in the church that had a good experience. His name is Felipe and he´s 17 years old. This kid is really kind-hearted and receptive to what we have taught him. He talked to the missionaries about 8 months ago and lost contact with them. We talked to him for the first time on October 28th when we were talking to his brother first. He came in from school and was more interested than his brother by the end of the lesson. Since then, we have had 4 more lessons. This past Tuesday, we watched “The Restoration” and he felt a conviction of the good feelings that he has been recently having. He already prays daily and loves reading what we give him but he tells us he has to make time for schoolwork AND the Book of Mormon. Haha! I love it! We have set a date for his baptism on November 22nd. He is really polite and – I believe – will be a great addition to the ward in this area. We had to change Eric`s baptism date to November 29th. When we came to his house this past week, he told us that he wouldn`t be able to come to the next two weeks of church because he had some events at his university that he had to be involved in for a grade in one of his courses. It was so difficult to hear that during the lesson, but it was equally comforting to hear that he was as bummed as we were. He just needs to wait three more weeks now but is as committed as ever right now. He continues to study the Book of Mormon by himself and the passages that we give him. We showed him General Conference and and he loved it. I can wait to see the fruits of this baptism!
Bayron (the boy that we`ve been working with since the beginning of this change with less active parents) didn´t come to church. I am not sure he has the desires to come to church and his parents are not helping so much with support either. He`s only come one time to church in all this time (5 weeks) and I think we might need to stop teaching him if something good doesn’t happen this week. I have a question for all Returned Missionaries or whoever else: How can we excite this 9 year old Bayron to come to the church and have stronger desires to be baptized? Any info will help.
We might have a baptism this weekend…his name is Niscefero. He`s 76 years old and has been on and off with the missionaries for almost a year now. He´s one of those guys who knows the church is true, knows that the Book of Mormon is true, agrees with all the commandments and comes to church often….but doesn`t have the complete drive to get baptized quite yet. We have just used a bit of boldness with him lately and scheduled the baptismal interview for him for this week. Haha! I think all will go well with him. He is a little senile but a hilarious character; and his wife ALWAYS invites – almost obligates – us to drink some Coca-Cola after EVERY lesson. Every time we go over there, it is a surprise and fun experience.
Speaking of Coca-Cola, I am getting a little bit of a belly from my food intake out here. Just to let you all know. Haha, I think the mass from my muscles is leaving my neck, arms, and legs, and is moving to the belly (or “guata” in Chileno). Don´t worry, it is scaring me that I´m getting a little tubby and I´m going to start working out harder in the mornings.
This past Thursday, we did service for Claudina, an 86 year old lady that´s getting baptized on November 29th. She can`t move very well and lives in a big house that wasn´t very clean on the first floor, so we came by with a member from the ward and cleaned the whole first floor of her house. There was hair everywhere from her dogs and it smelled bad…really bad. We moved all the furniture outside and cleaned it as we also mopped inside. We even gave her dog a bath which he didn´t enjoy very much but he needed it. Haha! Since Claudina can´t walk or drive, we found a wheelchair for her as well so that she has a way to come to the church now. I felt GREAT as we were helping her. Every time that we come over since the beginning, Claudina calls us the angels that God has sent to save her. I feel SO blessed to be a servant in the Lord and every time I hear that from her I know that Heavenly Father is guiding me.
We haven´t been able to find Henry (the less active from Peru) this past week but we`ll still keep looking for him at his house. I really believe that he will be coming back to the church soon but we just have to get a hold of him.
I just realized yesterday in church from the Gospel doctrine teacher that the rest of the world and religions are waiting for Christ to come again; but we [The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints] are working SO THAT He will come. The second coming will not come until every person has a chance to hear the Gospel and it is spread to all of the corners of the earth. The phrase "Every Member a Missionary" is so true in this time. I love you both and hope all is well at home. Elder York and I are starting to talk to more and more people in the streets now because we`ve received added incentive from the great scripture I shared last week. We also started a class of English here for every Saturday to find more “chosen” people ready for the Gospel. I advise ALL OF YOU to apply this scripture to your life right now. D&C 61:3.
I love my Savior and that is why I´m serving him. Service without love is NOTHING!!! I hope this email finds you all in high spirits.
Con Mucho amor,
Elder Josh Boaz

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