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Monday, November 23, 2009

Another week dedicatied to the Lord :)

Ya, so the letter for this week is going to be short this week. Because the computer froze in the middle of my sweet long letter and now I have to start over on a little lower excitement level cuz I am a little bummed. Haha! This letter was an upbeat and happy week. We had great experiences and some disappointments but mostly the emotional upos and downs that come with the mission. We had four investigators in church on Sunday…blew my mind. I was so happy. Eric, who is getting baptized next week, came to church and felt really comfortable. We were glad to see him come in with Lehi, our mission leader. Also, we brought a kid named Matius to church that´s 10 years old. His mom was baptized when she was a young girl and moved away from the church after some time. He has been very interested in the Restoration and thinks it´s incredible that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. He will probably be baptized soon. A Sister from the ward helped us out by bringing Claudina to church (the 80 year old that´s getting baptized on Dec. 6). She needed a wheelchair for some time and we finally found one for her this past week. Felipe (the awesome 17 year old) didn´t come to church yesterday again and I think it might be because of his parents which is always a tough situation. We talked to him last week and he said he was fine but we will try to get a hold of him this next week to see if we can have a lesson soon. He still wants to be baptized but we´re worried about his family situation.
Lehi taught the Gospel Principles class yesterday in church and, out of nowhere, asks me to get up and teach a little more about the Sacrament and my thoughts on it. I have a firm knowledge and testimony that from the moment I got up the Holy Ghost was telling me what to say and how to say it. I was teaching things that I didn´t even know until I said them and I was learning as I was going along. It was definitely a moment that reminded me that I´m being guided by God to do His work. I felt good about church yesterday but after having meetings with the Bishop in the morning, I´ve realized how stressful being a leader can be. There are so many souls in the church that have problems and need spiritual nourishing that it almost seems impossible for the leaders to be able to help everyone and keep and strong congregation. I see it as a miracle and also a sign that EVERYONE in the church must do their part to keep it going. I feel like I want all the time in the world so I can do everybody´s responsibilities for them so the church prospers, but I guess that is what agency is for. That´s also why our Heavenly Father´s Plan is PERFECT for all of His children. There is a conditional part of it that relies on our own actions to what will come of us; that means we have the power within us to make the choices that will lead us to the perfection, or Eternal Life. How amazing!!!
Elder York is still working hard even though he only has 5 weeks left. He even still makes food for us a lot and I feel blessed to be with him. His bunt apple cakes are AMAZING, Haha! He also has about 105 old church talks that are from devotionals at BYU. They are all incredible and we listen to them in the extra time we have after lunch. I have grown to love listening to Elder LeGrand Richards speak. He is a very distinctive speaker and really captures your attention. I invite you to listen to some of his memorable talks.
(Random side note): I heard a meteorite fell in Utah 2 days ago…pretty crazy. The signs are coming. Haha!
One of the defining moments of the week is that we had Chinese food for lunch at a Sister´s house from the ward that LOVES cooking. She always makes special, different food and it´s always delicious. The best part is that we had CHEESECAKE for dessert. I about flew to heaven when I tasted it. I forgot how much I missed Cheesecake until I tasted it.
Ok so maybe the email wasn´t tooo short but I wasn´t certainly rushed for time. I miss you all EXTREMELY and can´t wait to talk to you at Christmas. Elder York tells me that we only get 1 HOUR to talk at Christmas time but I REEEEEEAAAAALLLLLYY hope it is different for this year. We´ll see. Tell Grandpa that I love him so much (and put a lot of emotion into it because that´s how I feel). He is in my prayers. You are all in my prayers and I ask for your prayers as well cuz this mission work needs them. Any spiritual thoughts that you have, please send them to me next week please. I am looking for a little extra spiritual jump start. Love you all!!!!!!! Especially Momma and Dad.

Sincerament y con mucho amor,
Elder Josh Boaz

P.S. Tell Alexa congratulations, Stephen Smith: congratulations on his mission call, and to Bishop Griffin: Thank you for his support, love, and dedication to the Lord.

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