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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's been a great week!

Hola Familia y amigos,

Yo tengo mucho cosas a hablar sobre y estoy teniendo mucho divertido. Me encanta todas las cosas que estoy aprendiendo en el CCM (MTC). Mis maestros son muy bueno maestros. Pero, pienso que hablara en ingles ahora.
Ok, there was just a little taste of my Spanish. I promise that I've learned a ton more than that and can speak more complex but writing is totally different than typing. So anyways, this wee has been pretty awesome. I don't think I told you already, but guess who came to last week's devotional?!?!?!.........Elder M. Russell Ballard of the 12 Apostles. It was awesome; apparently he also has a grand-daughter in the MTC right now that I have met to. It was such a good talk. He spoke about How important it is for us to have a "desire" to serve everyday of our lives and then that desire will ignite a desire in our companions and investigators. I thought it was interesting when he said that in the beginning the missionary is more important than the Gospel because they are responsible for making a good impression with the investigators before they even teach them any lessons. I loved it all and took a ton of nots but can't remember them right now. When we sang in the MTC choir, it was so peaceful. We won't be singing for a few weeks now cuz they are resurfacing the gym floor and we have to wth all of the devotionals and firesides in the Main building where you dropped me off. It's fine though. I am going to practice the song that dad sent me with two other missionaries today. One is from another zone, but sings amazing and one is in our zone and already has his Bachelor's of Music from BYU in piano AND organ. The guy is amazing. I'm excited, we'll probably tryout next week.
I saw Colby Tanner in the cafeteria this past week! It was awesome. He is teaching a district that I have gym time with all the time so that was a funny coincidence. Elder Johnson is typing for me now so this should be much faster. Colby Tanner and I talked in Spanish for a little bit and it was fun seeing him. Also this past week, my companion and I have picked up two "progressing investigators" at the teaching center. this is going to help us so much in teaching to needs and helping people progress in the gospel. what is an even funnier coincidence is that one of the teachers that is our investigator taught with austin while he was here. austin actually trained this teacher. his name is brother coles and he is an amazing guy. we have only met with him for a total of 45 minutes and we have already learned so much. i am excited for these next three weeks because i know that we are going to learn so much more. we have had the chance to hear from teachers that our spanish is progressing well. elder johnson and i are getting into a groove where we are able to work much more productively as a companionship. the spirit is helping us. i am excited for ryan olson and Kellen Laker to be coming into the mtc soon and i will definately look for them. Cody Lehr is leaving for the mtc in AFRICA on my birthday August 20th. that's exciting. i have also seen derrick taylor here in the mtc and elder mitchell left yesterday. it's amazing how everyone is going into the missions.
i am not sick any more and have been taking my vitamins pretty well. mom, you do not need to send me a new health pack if that next order is coming. we enjoyed the apple pie thoroughly. my whole district devoured it.
funny story in the referral center. i was chatting with a girl who had questions about what happens to people that aren't baptized in this life and it was a perfect question. she asked if they are just confined to hell and when i went to reply i said, "God does confine them to hell." when i meant to say "God does NOT confine them to hell." what is even funnier is that after that sentence i said, "that is what is sooo great about the gospel of jesus christ." she was taken back and i had to correct my self. my companion and i were cracking up.
Other than all of that, my testimony is gatteing a stronger and stronger and this Gospel is being more concrete in my mind. I know the Book of Mormon is true and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth again. Talk to you all soon again!!!!

Elder Boaz

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