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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

About ready to go to Chile!

May 26th,2009
Hola Todos!

My goodness , I have so much to write and not enough time. I will start off with how my week has gone......very rough. This past week, we taught 21 LESSONS in the Teaching Evalution Center this past week. I am astounded as to how we accomplished that. We taught 7 lessons alone on Saturday and I feel blessed to have gained that experience in teaching to be more prepared for the field. As for our companionship, everything hasn't been roses this past week. Elder Metcalf has made it quite difficult to be productive with him having an opposing opinion to everything!!! It is tough to mold Elder Johnson's and mine teaching style and our schedule for each day to Elder Metcalf's. He is a nice guy with a bright personality, but he is making us late alot, causing arguments about every little thought when it's not significant at times, and wants to do it all his way. He is trying hard to work with us and I'm not saying I am perfect either cuz I probably haven't helped the situation at times, but we are trying hard to work out all the kinks so we can be a better companionship. I love the Holy Ghost cuz it has helped us teach with the Spirit at times and we have definitely had some fun times as well. I just hope we can do as much as possible to help us be ready for the Mission Field in 6 DAYS!!!!
I have felt the trials of the adversary working on me as I am trying to finish these last days out strong. He is trying to make it tough for me to be productive and get along with my companion who I have come to love SO MUCH here (Elder Johnson). His testimony has been what has fueld me to be better as well and I am so grateful for that.
Now, let's get down to business: I need a cheap METAL watch from Walmart that preferrably has a digital face cuz the watch we originally got makes my wrist stink horribly. Hahaha! I also need a calling card if you haven't already sent me one. I haven't received the socks and USB yet. Probably today though. I can possibly get all of my pictures on a RW-CD here at the bookstore and try to send that home to you first so I'm all empty for the rest of my mission. Mom, Taylor Robinson was a friend of mine from high school. Just let her know that I'm on a mission and I am doing great.....and that i said "hi!" By the way, what is my blog address the blog that rebekah made for me? I want to give it to other people that I'm writing letters to. We are going to be reporting at the front of the mtc at 5 in the morning. we depart salt lake city at 8:35 on Delta Air Lines flight 1173. We arrive in L.A. at 9:33 where we have a 4 hour lay over until our next flight. our next flight leaves at 1:20 PM on Lan Chile S.A. flight 601. we arrive in Santiago at 5:25 AM. I will call home first and then call your cell phone mom to set up three way with austin. that is so awesome that rachael made the soccer team. i will talk to you about other things on thursday. i got taylor's email and address for his home. it is soo good to hear from all of you. i am ready to preach the gospel to the people of chile. i love you all and will talk to you soon.
Elder Boaz

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  1. Josh will be such an awesome missionary to the people in Chile. Loved reading his letters. Thanks for posting them.

    If you get to read this Josh, I am so proud of you and know that you will serve well! Love tons, Sister Dowden