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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hey Fam and loved ones,

I have got to tell you all, I am dead tired today because we played soccer with some of the Zone and some youth of the Stake. It showed me that I have to run more in the morning when we exercise instead of just doing crunches and pushups. Haha! I was gased and have almost no energy for the night of work but it’s ok. I had a blast today and am so happy from yesterday’s Sabbath Day.
Yesterday showed me once again why the mission is worth all of the turned down doors, barking dogs, hot weather, companionship disagreements, or fallen appointments we have. The morning started out with testimony meeting in church that was filled with great testimonies that helped the investigators we had in Sacrament meeting. That’s right…we had 6 investigators in church!!! Eric and Claudina (who were baptized yesterday) came to church as well as the family of Patricio and Susana (the couple that we had found about 3 weeks ago). After sacrament meeting, we had a full class of Gospel Principles and everyone participated. Everyone was friendly to the investigators and made them feel so welcome. Elder York and I were really nervous this morning that the family of Patricio and Eric weren’t going to come but they arrived with hope in their hearts and desire in their soul to know more about Christ’s church.
The Baptismal Service was at 4 pm yesterday and everything went really smooth. One daughter, one grand-daughter and two great grand-kids came two support Claudina in her baptism which a special sight to see. She has 7 sons and daughters but doesn’t get many visits from them, so it was great to see that some family from the south south of Chile to support her in her baptism. Unfortunately, nobody came to support Eric in his baptism. He hasn’t had a good relationship with his parents for a long time and preferred that they didn’t come. We had an incredible attendance from the ward at the baptisms and I was impressed by the support from the members here. It touched me to see that Claudina was saying one last prayer of repentance before our Bishop baptized her. She has changed her countenance and actions to come into the fold of God. Eric was so happy today as well…probably the happiest that we have seen him since we started teaching him. Lehi, our mission leader, baptized him. He bore his testimony of this being the true church and how he was happy even though the people he wanted to be there weren’t there to support him. He has a new family in the ward and I believe he will go far. We are going to help him go on a mission because he is already ready to go. Haha! In Claudina’s testimony, she said that it seemed like two angels came to her house to save her and become baptized. It made me feel like a true servant of the Lord to hear her say that and know that I have a potential to live up to. I will send you all pictures of the baptism and recent pictures of us soon. I forgot
I love hearing about the things that I hear from home. I want to see my loving family SOOOOO BAAAAAD. My twin sisters look GORGEOUS and are becoming great young women. I am so happy for them. And as well as my ALWAYS-GORGEOUS mother and sister-in-law. Rachel and Rebekah better be careful because all of the guys are going to want to start dating them senior year and in college. :D I CANNOT WAIT for the announcement for when Austin and Marisa are expecting their first child. That will be some of the sweetest news I might here on the mish…but be patient and wise about it, Austy!!!! Haha! I love my bros, sistas, and Paps!
As for Christmas time, our mission Christmas party is on Dec. 14. It stinks but oh well. I will only be able to call you guys between the 24th and the 27th. Whatever time you think it will be best to call me, just let me know. On Christmas Eve (24th), we work UNTIL 6 pm and on Christmas Day (25th), we START to work at 6 pm. Maybe you all could call me with a calling-card on the cell-phone we have for our sector. The way to call our cell phone from where you are from is as follows: 011 + 56 + 9 + (94434508). Our actual cell-phone number is in parenthesis. That might be a lot simpler for everything because I’m simple-minded in those kind of things. Haha!
The week of work was a little slow but was equally spiritual and fun. The fruit is starting to come like crazy here in Chile so we’re going to be eating A LOT of fruit in the streets and in the houses soon. I’m stoked for that. I love you all and want you to know that my knowledge of the truthfulness of the Gospel is surer and surer everyday of my life. I’m blessed to have been guided in this path by my parents, siblings, and friends, along with my Heavenly Father. Take Care and we’ll be talking next week.

Con mucho amor,

-Elder Boaz

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