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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Week of Surprises!!

Nov. 29, 2010
Hola a todos mis queridos familiares!

This week was full of mixed feelings because I had a feeling I was going to leave Quimey this coming transfer but I didn't know where or what would happen....then the assistants to President MacArthur called me on Thursday: answer to my doubt. They told me there is a missionary who recently started his mission and needs help. They said he is not very focused on the work and is a bit to prideful. He has had a tough time with his trainer and they wanted me to help him focus more in his mission. Therefore, from Thursday until today, I've been thinking what will come of this coming transfer and how I will work this troubled missionary. A lot of those worries went away today when I met this missionary, Elder Moore. He greeted me friendly when getting off the train, but I was still skeptical so I was a little cold and short with him at first. But as we started chatting in the bus on the way to our sector, I found out that he is a good guy but needs to realize that everything that happens is the companionship's responsability and both missionaries work together to make things better and no one gets the blame alone. The way he thinks about how certain things work in the mission give me the impression the he hasn't had the greatest example. He may need guidance and some correction but I am excited to work with him because he is ready to work. I am in the sector of "Nancagua" IN THE SAME ZONE OF SANTA CRUZ WHERE I WAS BRANCH PRESIDENT IN PERALILLO. Haha! It isn't too commune that a missionary returns to a zone that he was in before so this is going to be interesting. Lol! I may have the opportunity to visit Peralillo where I once served before. Haha! I am happy to be back in the south of the mission. I love it here and have had more success here than in my other sectors so I am confident. Plus, I will be here in SUMMER this time, so there will be many produce, green vineyards, and gorgeous countryside!!!

All of this information DOES NOT mean that I will not miss Quimey AT ALL. I think that the Ward of Quimey is the sector that has taught me the most about leadership, dedication, support, and member-missionary work for after the mission. It is a very special place and the members love and take care of the missionaries so well. Ruben and Silvana, some recent converts from before I came, gave me a China glass incense piece that burns oil. The second counselor in the Bishopric, Hermano Soto, gave me a glass cup that I used every time that I ate linch intheir house because it has the Chilean flag and an awesome soccer team logo on it. One youth that helps us teach gave me a Chilean flag and another youth, Jorge. gave me a nice pen and tie. I first met Jorge in Progreso (my second sector) when I found and started teaching his Uncle's family. In fact, Jorge's cousin (Sasha) from this same family was baptized yesterday and they wanted me to go to the baptismal service but I couldn't go. :( But him and his family are incredible.

My last week in Quimey was a bit difficult because we didn't find many new people to teach and those who are progressing weren't in their houses much because of semester finals in the schools (their school year goes along with the calender year). But it was a blessing to see how many investigators we got to church yesterday. Maria (a lady that the zone did a service project for) came to church for the 3rd time and has a baptismal date for December 26th. She is so happy and has a little girl's personality. We love her. Haha! Also, after four long weeks, Catalina and Javiera came to church again with their mom, Magali. They will be baptized on December 18th. Woo hoo! The work is going forth and this is the Lord's Church. I am going miss Elder Urra. He is a great example and has a great humor and love for others. We had a fun and spiritual time together. We will keep in touch for the future. Well that's all for this week. I love you and thank you for your continuing support. Take Care!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Joshy Boaz

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