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Monday, August 9, 2010

I Have Found the Fullness of Joy! 8-9-10

Hola Familia,

This past has been good. I am learning a lot in this new area with Elder Coloma as my companion. As you would probably guess, Mom and Dad, with more responsabilities, I am being late quite often but Elder Coloma is really patient with me. Since we knew each other beforehand, it hasn’t taken long for us to grow very close and love working together. I have a feeling that we will have a companionship that will be just as good as I had with Elder Caballero. We are working hard with the ward and I feel extremely blessed to be in an area that has so many members with worthy members and temple-goers. We even have a High Priests Group in this ward!!!! It is a miracle! Hahaha! The members have been recently excited to go with us to many lessons and we are progressing very well with the investigators we are working with. Next week, Patricio (17) and Ximena (9) will be baptized. All family members of Ximena are members of the church and the Mom of Patricio is less-active since 14 years old, but couldn’t be happier for the decision her son is making to follow this church on his own. And little but little, she feels some more desires to return to the church. Patricio is one of the most special people I have met here. He is so smart and understands the Gospel clearly. He told us that when he kneeled to pray about if the church was true, he felt a darkness around him…LIKE JOSEPH SMITH…but in a moment, still with his eyes closed, he felt his whole bedroom filled with light and a warmth and happiness that he had never felt before. It was an emotional moment and he knows this church is true. He even wants to serve a mission as well!!! He says that service is his hobby. Truly one of the Lord’s chosen. I love this work because it never ceases to change lives.
Even at home, I am sure that Rachel is strengthening her testimony in this time of trial with her head issues for soccer. I am praying that all is well for her and Rebekah while she is starting at BYU as well. It is great to hear about everyone at home, especially Austin’s first child and his great job offer. The Gospel is truly blessing our family and I pray that we may keep it firm in our lives.
I know that my mission has been a success just from one simple phone call that I received from President McArthur yesterday afternoon. We were in the stake center getting ready to have our Stake Priesthood Session yesterday and President McArthur calls me. He told me that Claudina, the 80 year old lady I baptized in Progreso, passed away in a accident explosion with her oven and that the letter I wrote to her this past week did not get to her in time. I was speechless…..this lady was the epitome of Persevere until the end. She went to the church early with her walker every Sunday that her health permitted her to. I know she will inherit the Celestial Kingdom and, therefore, her and my joy are full for that. That is what this mission of Preaching the Gospel is about: that God’s children may receive eternal life. I love you all and thank you for reading these letters and joining in my experiences.

With love of my Savior,
Elder Joshua Boaz
Soldier of the Lord

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