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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

True Happiness!!

Hola Familia!!!

First, I apologize for not having written in a few weeks. Peralillo is in good condition and we are happy with the progress here. I have become very close to Elder Caballero in time and it shows in our work. We had two confirmations on May 30 of baptisms we had on Sunday May 23. They are sisters named Javiera and Barbara. Their mother, Yanett, was baptized yesterday Sunday, June 13. The baptismal service was very nice and what added more joy was that Giselle, a recent convert from May 2, shared a mini-talk in the baptism. She did a great job and is progressing very well.

We were privileged to have the President Gaete from the District Presidency attend our meetings with us. He helped with some suggestions on the branch for assignments and order in the clases.Also, he stayed for the baptism after the meetings. I was very happy with the spirit that was present in church. We had an attendance of 30 with 10 investigators. It was a perfect setting to end my time as Elder Caballero’s companion. That’s right, Elder Caballero got transferred today to Santiago in changes. I truly feel that we worked together as Alma and Amulek did so many times. Since my recent trials, everything has improved. He had such a grand part in the growth of my testimony. I‘ve learned some very impressive principles lately about repentance, I feel more pure, I grew up in dedication to my Lord's calling, and I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ brings forgiveness faster when we get up out of the mud of sin and follow working on the Lord's work. It's like King David, he continued preaching for the Lord even though he had lost eternal blessings for major sins. I know I don’t need to be in his position to work so hard for the Lord. I thank you all for your help and examples of scripture.

Ernesto (15), who recently received permission from his mother to be baptized will be baptized on June 27 with another young man named Sebastian Days (19 years). In addition, Luis Salina (he was baptized in January) and Alejandro Arias will be advanced as Elder in the priesthood soon. Finally, we’re progressing in the priesthood of the Branch. I’m drowning in the Lord's hands now and I can not be satisfied until my full-time as a missionary ends.
I remember a verse in Alma 26:15 that says, "Yes, they were surrounded by eternal darkness and destruction, but behold, he has brought to his eternal light, yea, to eternal salvation, and surrounds the incomparable bounty of his love, yea, and we have instruments in their hands for this great and wonderful work. "

Take care everyone,

Con todo mi amor,

Elder Boaz

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  1. Was he companions with Elder York? He is one of my FAVORITES... Oh I am Leslee Pugh the former Hermana Brock. I got home from the Rancagua mission in September 2008. It truly is the BEST mission in the world! With the best mission president in the world. Do you mind me asking what sectors Elder Boaz has been in?