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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Joy in the Midst of Trials! 5-8-10

Hola a todos mis Queridos,

I write you all today because Elder Caballero and I went to Rancagua yesterday for an eye appointment that he had and were there for almost the whole day. Actually we arrived at the house at 10 PM so it was a long, tiring day. And what made it worse was that I had supposedly eaten something bad in the morning that made me sore and naucious for the whole day and night. I got little to no sleep last night and woke up with bad stomach and back pains. After being in bed all morning we went to lunch and I feel a little better.

Ths past week has been great and a test as well. Despite everything, I am so grateful and happy after the time I had to speak with my loving family!!! What a relief it was to hear your voices and know that all is well. I wanna thank you Mom, Dad, Austin, and Rebekah for your advice and the trust that Rebekah had to ask me for advice with her friend, Kay. I am going to remember this call for a long time and will not be as homesick as I was during the Christmas time call. Haha! I have a boost of spiritual energy from you all. I can't tell you what a relief it is to hear the voice of my mom and dad. It is like music to my ears! I only wish I could have spoken with Rachel, Aaron, Jeremy, Ren, Joy, and Marisa, But it's fine. I will catch them at Christmas time. But that also means that THEY ALL OWE ME A LETTER TO LET ME KNOW HOW THEY ARE! Hint...hint. Since I have let you all know the majority of my thoughts in the mission until now on the phone call, I will fill you in on some technical things from the past week. During splits that we had on Wednesday, my companion and another missionary found themselves with one of our investigators whom is progressing very well. We have tried to put a firm baptismal date recently but has not been able to put in the sacrifice with her job to come to the church. She knows the church is true and wants to be baptized but made the decision to stop learning with us for some time and she has said that it is difficult to take the time away from her family and her job to come to the church. It was difficult to hear that after her big testimony building experiences that she had shared with us, she wanted to just stop right there. I was bummed but had the comfort to know that the Lord has all of His children in their different times to receive the gospel. We continue working with other people towards their baptisms. We have two boys who are friends and participated in the Talent Show on Saturday who are really motivated. Ernesto (15) is the son of a family that we've been working with since we have been here. He has progressed the most out of his mother (Irene) and his sisters (Veronica and Fabiola) and was the reason we actually found the other boy, Pablo (13). Pablo is a great kid as well but needs the Parental Permission from his parents which will be somewhat difficult being that they don't want him to be Mormon. We have a big obstacle in front of us with that but I have faith that the Lord will provide a way.
I wanna let you all know how lucky and blessed I feel to be a missionary. I wish there was a way that I didn't ever need to take off my missionary plaque which calls me an Elder of Jesus Christ. I have also read a quote recently that I love which says:

"The most important of the Lord's work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own homes."
-President Harold B. Lee

I hope you can all apply this quote to your lives in some way or other. Take care!!!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Josh Boaz
Chile Rancagua Mission

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