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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Most Reflective Week Ever - Year 1!

Hola Mi AMADA, Familia, April 5th, 2010

I don't have much to say to you all. Many of the things that I have experienced this past week are very personal and spiritua. I prefer to just tell you that I have learned some extremely important lessons for my future in the mission, my companion, my testimony, my family, and my purpose as a son of my earthly parents' son and my Heavenly Father's son. I feel lucky and blessed to be in this mission of Rancagua,Chile specifically and in a mission for the Lord's church generally. I don't know if my life would be in order for the blessings from God as said in my Patriarchal Blessing or in His will if I did not choose to serve a mission.
I now have 1 year in the mission and it is extremely astounding to me how the time has passed. I have many memories to look back on and journals full of them to remember. Thank you President Tom Smith for always stressing the importance of having a journal to record my thoughts. That counsel stuck in my head for my mission and afterwards. I am over the hill now! Hahaha! I'm no longer young, but I know there is still so much to learn. We have 6 baptismal dates...pray for them to be comforted in their path to baptism. The branch here does not have much leadership and many positions are unfilled but there are a lot of great members and there is a lot of potential for the future. I had spoke in church 3 Sundays ago on the Armor of God and it was a talk that the Spirit of God had inspired me to share. I feel like an instrument of the Lord, but I must be more diligent in my actions.
This General Conference was the most important conference of my life. That is all I cansay about it because it taught and affectedme in SO many ways. Idon't havea favorite talk because there were so many of them that I love. I deeply urge you all to watch them AGAIN on the internet during THIS WEEK so you may have them inplanted on your hearts. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church of Christ on the earth. Thomas S. Monson is the prophet of God now and the BOOK OF MORMON is the true and living word of God. Most importantly, Jesus Christ LIVES IN THIS VERY MOMENT! I am praying for Luke and hope he gets better soon, but remember that all is in the will of God. :)

With all my love and prayers,
Elder Josh Boaz

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