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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Monday After the Earthquake!!

Hola a Todos!!!
We are doing fine down here in Chile. This past week of work was a bit slow and definitely ended on a surprising note. The earthquake, that happened in Chile on Saturday at 3:45 AM our time, hit the hardest more south than my mission (in ConcepciĆ³n) so I am ok. We sure felt it but there were no injuries or damages in our house. Only the bottle of oil spilt all over the ground. Haha! Most of my neighborhood is without light and quite a few without power but there aren't really serious injuries. We were without power for all of Saturday until Sunday morning but everything is back to normal now. Our ward in church only partook of the Sacrament and then we went back to our houses. I'm sure you know more details than I do just by looking at the news anyways. There weren't really any serious damages in my neighborhood, thank goodness. When the earthquake started, I didn't really notice it until the end of the first big tremble cuz I'm such a heavy sleeper. I was on divisions in another house and we were up for an hour than went back to sleep. Haha! All of the missionaries are accounted for and safe, but we have to stay in our houses until further notice for safety. We already had to stay in the house for ALL of Saturday and Sunday so it is going to be a VERY long week until things get better. Apparently, since there still isn't power in some areas, it is not very safe to go out in the afternoon and night with the people. We won't be doing service unless it is organized by our ward so that takes out any option of leaving. I hope you are all praying for those who are deeply affected by this earthquake. Just remember, God is in control and we must focus on His Gospel to carry us through. I send all my wishes to Dad in the Easter Pageant and hope you all get Taylor Kunysz to go to it!!! Haha! Congratulations to Rebekah for getting into BYU!!! And I couldn't have had a better moment than talking to MOM for 15 minutes on Saturday. That was awesome! Don't worry, everything is fine here. Take care!

With a love and will to serve GOD,

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